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New Hermès Arceau Harnais français highlights the Creativity of the entire Maison

The fertile soil which resulted in the very first Hermès carré sees expression in the brand’s latest artistic endeavour, an exquisite timepiece with a three dimensional rendering of their emblematic equine motif

Jun 18, 2020 | By Jonathan Ho

Hermès was initially a bridle and saddle company. But 100 years after its founding, the idea of ​​a carré, where Hermès would print inimitable designs on a square piece of silk came to conception in the 1930s. Hugo Grygkar not only designed the very first carré for Hermès, he also became the maison’s most prolific artist. In the new Hermès Arceau Harnais français remix, one gets to witness the precedent set by Robert Dumas, son of Emile, then president of the design house Hermès, who put a bridle and saddle maker into one of the most evocative luxury artisans of our generation.

From leathercrafts to the Hermès carré would have been a stretch enough but when Henri d’Origny introduced the Arceau watch with its round case featuring stirrup-like asymmetrical lugs in 1978, it’s hard to ignore that the conditions creating fertile soil for artistic expression was seeded from that very first Hermès carré. The new Arceau Harnais français remix highlights the expertise and creativity of Hermès Horloger which exhibits the brand’s raison d’etre – the “Harnais Français Remix” silk scarf, originally designed by Hugo Grygkar himself.

The new Arceau Harnais français remix highlights not just the expertise and creativity of Hermès Horloger but of Hermès entire

The dial motif, composed of a pair of splendidly harnessed horses, recalls Grygkar seminal work – the “Harnais Français Remix” silk scarf. Grygkar was inspired by a work kept in the private collection of Émile Hermès: a team of horses richly caparisoned and topped with multicoloured feathers, designed by two young 19th century architects Fontaine and Percier, who were commissioned to design a coach for the coronation of Napoleon I in 1804.

La Montre HermËs atelier d Olivier Vaucher peinture sur porcelaine. Photo: David Marchon


The new Hermès Arceau Harnais français remix radiates a timeless quality thanks to its white gold case set with 82 diamonds , matched only by the engraved and hand-painted porcelain dial wit the distinctive allure of the hand painted, three-dimensional equestrian depiction on the dial requiring almost a month of meticulous craftsmanship. If the Arceau Harnais Français remix limited edition highlights the expertise and creativity of Hermès Horloger, the reality is that combined brand provenance and institutional know-how has resulted in a timepiece of exquisite proportions and unforgettable countenance.

Hand-engraved on bisque (unglazed) Limoges porcelain, the new Hermès Arceau Harnais français remix showcases the detailed majesty of equine profiles onto the dainty matt appearance of the porcelain dial. Preceding enamelling, a process that makes the porcelain both smooth and shiny, the artisan renders different colours with delicate successive applications, interspersed with successive and precise firings in the kiln in order to fix and enhance the pigments. What results is a new Arceau Harnais français remix which combines the best of watchmaking, artisan-crafts and the artistry of the carré for which the brand has become famous for (in addition to the celebrated Birkin).

Produced in a limited and numbered series of 24, the Hermès Arceau Harnais Français remix watch is driven by the H1912 mechanical self-winding movement, which, like the gem-set gold case and raspberry alligator strap, is crafted in the Hermès Horloger workshops.

Hermès Arceau Harnais Français remix Price & Specs

Movement Manual winding Manufacture Hermès H1912 with 50 hours power reserve
Case 38 mm white gold with 30 metres water resistance
Strap Leather
Price On Application


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