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Long Live the King: The King Seiko Returns

The new model pays homage to the original King Seiko with its bevelled surfaces reflecting the light dynamically.

May 19, 2022 | By Kelvin Tan
The King Seiko
Image: Seiko

The 1960’s was a golden era for Seiko. During that era, the brand advanced significantly in technical development and design creativity. The King Seiko collection came along during this time and, along with Grand Seiko (at that time, still a part of the Seiko brand), showcased Seiko’s ability to create truly fine and reliable timepieces with high accuracy. Now, the King Seiko name returns, and along with it, is a wonderful and welcome collection that comprises five new timepieces. We take a look at the new watch and the details that makes it justify its King Seiko moniker.

The new King Seiko’s case has been designed to sleekly combine with the boxed-shaped sapphire crystal thus resulting in a slim and elegant aesthetic. Attached to the case is a stunning bracelet that pays homage to the design of the original King Seiko with its many bevelled surfaces reflecting the light dynamically. The prominent faceted lugs have sharp angles and wide flat surfaces featuring mirror and brushed finishes. Another characteristic element is the 12 o’clock index, which is more than twice the width of the others and contains a texture for enhanced legibility and sparkle. All versions come with crowns and casebacks that proudly bear the new King Seiko emblem. Its design is inspired by the one on the 1965 KSK.

As mentioned, the new King Seiko collection has five variants, differentiated by dial colour. The SPB279 comes with a dial in the original silver tone of the 1965 KSK, whereas the others sport dials in light grey, charcoal grey, brown and red. As an added option, five alternative leather straps made to perfectly match the watches shall be made available.

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