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Grandmaster Flash: Franck Muller’s Grand Central Tourbillon Flash Curvex CX 36

Now simultaneously more wearable and distinctive, the new Curvex CX 36 is truly worthy of attention.

Sep 20, 2023 | By Ashok Soman
Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon Flash Curvex CX 36

After triumphantly introducing the Central Tourbillon complication in 2021, aptly named Grand Central Tourbillon, Franck Muller presents a new iteration for 2023 with superior ergonomics and wearability: the Grand Central Tourbillon Flash Curvex CX 36. We will get to the eye-catching elements in a bit, but first it is important to note that the 36 in the name is a reference to the case width (36.5mm at its widest). The Curvex CX 36 case also differs from the previous Curvex CX 40 case in its lug-to-lug measurement (52.65mm vs 58.70mm, respectively) so the new 2023 Grand Central Tourbillon Flash Curvex CX 36 wears a lot easier than its predecessor does. Of course, Flash Curvex CX 36 is cased in a carbon composite so it is very light besides being tough, which helps the watch sit right on the wrist.

A quick examination of the Grand Central Tourbillon Flash Curvex CX 36 in the pictures here should convince you that the watch is not diminutive at all. This is a result of the dominating feature of the watch, the central tourbillon, which makes a full circuit every 60 seconds. The automatic calibre here is new, listed as the MVT FM CX 36T-CTR (the larger version is the MVT FM CX 40T-CTR), but the characteristics remain the same, right down to the four-day power reserve and the off-centre micro-rotor. The number of components is the same, at 313, and the balance beats at 18,000 vph or 2.5Hz, which is also unchanged. Even the tourbillon remains distinguished by its single bridge which also acts as an indicator of the seconds via the easily visible neon arrow (which matches the colour way of the model).

Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon Flash Curvex CX 36

The unusual Curvex CX design means that you might think you can touch the central tourbillon, which is a neat effect. You can make this out via the photos of the watch here, and it will certainly serve as a good conversation-starter. The design also means that the sapphire crystal extends right up the edge of the case at 12 and 6 o’clock. Even in this smaller form, this aesthetic touch is no less impressive, elongating the dial and emphasising the multiplicity of curves here. Arguably, the watch will wear better for people with more modest wrists who might previously have been unable to properly wear the CX 40 version. The Grand Central Tourbillon Flash Curvex CX 36 is available in three colour ways: blazing orange, neon green, and electric blue.

All photos courtesy of Franck Muller.

This article was first published on Issue #69 of World of Watches.

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