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Focus: Graham Chronofighter and Silverstone

Fortune favors the brave, it is said, and the additions to Graham’s Chronofighter and Silverstone lines show no fear in the face of extreme conditions.

Jan 06, 2016 | By null

Graham’s Chronofighter is no ordinary timekeeper. Built like tactical gear, everything about this by-now iconic watch spells danger, from the oversized case, hands, and numerals to the cool industrial finish and of course, the left-side fast-action trigger that starts and stops the chronograph. Practically synonymous with Graham’s identity, this unique, patented component is not only highly ergonomic, but it also looks totally badass.

Always ready for action, this brawny timepiece has just placed itself at the frontlines when Graham collaborated with the United States Navy SEAL Foundation, whose mission is to provide immediate and on-going support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its family. Courage, determination, and precision is the guiding philosophy of the Navy SEALs and the Navy SEAL Foundation, and as makers of military instruments, Graham naturally shares these values.

GRAHAM - Imagerie NavySeal 01

“Graham Watches. They Conform To The Time. But That’s It.”

Clad fully in black, the Chronofighter Oversize Navy SEAL Foundation is doubly stealthy as it also features a dial with a highly technical digital grey camouflage pattern that makes it virtually undetectable. But those with a keen eye for detail will see that the Navy SEAL Foundation logo had been discreetly imprinted above the Graham insignia – how’s that for a covert op.

The watch’s hands, although rendered in varying shades of grey, remain clearly visible thanks to their generous dimensions and the anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Adding a touch of mechanical ingenuity is the fast-action trigger here crafted out of strong yet lightweight carbon fibre and the black ceramic bezel that gives the watch a beautiful matte finish.

Designed especially for the SEALs, this tough, understated timepiece remains operational under all kinds of climates and conditions, whether faced with the scorching heat of the Sahara or the freezing sub-zero Arctic tundra. Oh yes, this Graham timepiece has been tested and proven to endure.

Fighting for the improvement of lives, the Chronofighter Oversize Navy SEAL Foundation 
Limited Edition will aid in the Foundation’s mission of honor and support, helping to sustain warrior support and family service programs, tragedy assistance, and survivor support. Visit for 
more information.

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Silverstone RS Racing: On A Track To Be A Hit

For many, nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a high-speed car race. If you’re a true petrolhead, the name Silverstone would mean everything to you – this legendary British motor-racing track is, after all, the birthplace of the fastest and most technically avant-garde racing event in the world – Formula One. Being Swiss in nature yet British in spirit, Graham has a unique interest in the auto-racing arena, so when it dedicates a watch collection to this thrilling sport, it made sure to combine Graham-style racing spirit with fine precision and attention to details.

The latest addition to Graham’s Silverstone collection is the Silverstone RS Racing, introduced in a trio of exuberant colour tones ranging from green spiked with orange to white, grey, and blue with red accents. But the colors are not merely design elements; colors have many roles to play in auto racing, distinguishing between teams being just one of the many. The dials recall car dashboards and the straps are inspired by tyre treads, but more creativity can be seen in the running seconds sub-dial, which is shaped like a brake disc, and the discreet checkerboard pattern of the dial. A tachymetric scale runs around the bezel, reinforcing the watch’s sporty persona, and for the first time, Graham threw in a day-date aperture at three o’clock. Finally, a composite ring with subtle touches of colour under the bezel gives the dial a three-dimensional effect.




  • Movement Automatic chronograph Calibre G1749 with Incabloc shock absorber and 46-hour power reserve
  • Case 46mm in steel
  • Functions Chronograph, tachymeter, day-date
  • Strap Integrated tyre tread rubber with colored insert

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