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Dong Son Watch by Speake-Marin

Speake-Marin unveil the Dong Son, a limited edition featuring an 18k red gold dial with etched motif inspired by ancient Dong Son bronze drums.

Jul 03, 2012 | By Luxuo

Dong Son by Speake-Marin

The Dong Son by Speake-Marin is a limited-edition timepiece featuring a red gold dial stunningly etched away to leave a fascinating motif inspired by the prehistoric bronze drums of the Dong Son culture in the Red River Delta of Vietnam.

The intricately detailed dial is complemented by the drum-like Speake-Marin Piccadilly case in 18k red gold, further evoking the beauty of the Dong Son drums.

Weighing up to 100kg, these bronze drums were fabricated by the Dong Son culture in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam from as early as 600 B.C.

Dong Son watch Speake-Marin

The Dong Son features the new, automatic-winding Eros 1 movement with five-day power reserve and the signature Speake-Marin ‘mystery’ winding rotor.

The Dong Son is a numbered limited edition of just 18 pieces and is available exclusively from the MILUXE Exclusive Boutique in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Dong Son drums

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