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Chanel Wanted Capsule Collection: Design Forward

The Wanted Capsule Collection is a celebration of Chanel’s watchmaking and design, for those who fancy a dash of fun with full-flavour exclusivity.

Nov 23, 2022 | By Sumit Nag

Launched as a special watchmaking exploration by the grand French luxury house, the Chanel Wanted Capsule Collection presents a series of watches that playfully and unapologetically place the House’s logo anywhere and everywhere possible. 

The collection begins with the J12 Highly Wanted de Chanel Box, which presents a set of six 38mm J12 timepieces in black ceramic with increasingly bold use of the maison’s logo all over the dial and bezel of the watches. Each watch is powered by Calibre 12.1, itself dressed for maximum fun, with a rotor set with 34 brilliant-cut diamonds. Diamonds aside, Calibre 12.1 is a serious movement with COSC certification and a commendable 70-hour power reserve. The six watches will be limited to five pieces each and can be purchased individually. 

Next on the list is the J12 Wanted de Chanel, which first comes in a 38mm glossy black ceramic execution with an otherwise blank dial and bezel save for the Chanel logo in large font sprawled across the watch face. The letters C and L fall onto the fixed bezel while the letters “HANE” land on the dial. The watch is also powered by Calibre 12.1. The next J12 Wanted de Chanel is a 33mm piece in white ceramic, featuring the Chanel logo repeated multiple times across the bezel and dial. 

The Première Wanted de Chanel follows, with the well-known Première case and bracelet endowed with letter-charms, which spell out the name “CHANEL”. Given the diminutive size of the timepiece (19.7mm x 15.2mm), this one is quartz-powered. 

Fourth on the list features another famous form factor from the House of Chanel, the Code Coco Wanted de Chanel. Designed to look like the clasp of the 2.55 Chanel bag and capable of concealing the time when the hour at hand is immaterial, here the timepiece has been given the rock ‘n’ roll treatment with a black embossed calfskin strap showing off a set of palladium-treated letters (no prizes for guessing what they spell). 

Last but not least is the Boy·Friend Wanted de Chanel, which features the rectangular case fitted onto a black satin effect calfskin strap with, again, palladium-treated letters spelling out the brand name. The black-lacquered dial is interesting, with a pixelated design that is sure to remind you of the retro video game, Tetris. 

The capsule collection as a whole has been said to be a celebration of all things 1990s. But perhaps a more apparent explanation can be offered, in saying that the collection is a celebration of Chanel’s watchmaking and design, created for those who would like to celebrate this storied heritage, while wearing the House’s name, loud and proud.

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