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Bell & Ross Cortina BR03-92 Diver Bronze “Demiurgus” Limited Edition

The 100 piece limited edition Bell & Ross Cortina Diver Bronze “Demiurgus” distinguishes itself from the others through its khaki green dial

Jan 03, 2019 | By Jonathan Ho

Utter the name “Demiurge” and the classically trained mind conjures images of the Creator from Judeo-Christian religions. Philosophically speaking, the concept of a “Demiurgus” is not a monotheist position but rather a general term describing “an artisan responsible for creating and maintaining the physical universe”, and so the latest Bell & Ross Limited Edition BR03-92 Diver Bronze “Demiurgus” in partnership with Cortina carries a namesake which connotes an importance beyond its raison d’etre of vintage dive helmet inspired diving watch.

While bronze in watchmaking is often discussed in the same breadth of the metal used in early seafaring activities, a name such as “Demiurgus” encourages one to look beyond contemporary application of the material. The Bronze Age was preceded by Neolithic in some parts of the world and by eneolithic in others but both periods were characterised by advanced social, cultural, and artistic achievements; in fact, until the invention of Bronze around 5000 BC, humans had only 3 main materials to work with – stone, wood and copper. These materials were fine for day-to-day survival but for the purpose of civilisation building, these base materials were ill suited. In that sense, this is where the namesake of the new Bell & Ross Cortina Limited Edition Bronze Diver earns its portentous moniker – Bronze is the demiurge (in a sense) and material architect for the modern civilisation we have become.

Introducing Bell & Ross Cortina BR03-92 Diver Bronze “Demiurgus” Limited Edition

The existence of bronze allowed the building of larger and more effective tools, and eventual creation of mechanisms required for irrigation (which caused a leap in agricultural output that made actual cities sustainable) – in that sense, bronze is the architect for the universe as we understand it today.

In the early 20th century, bronze was no longer vital for survival or even social expansion but now, as a protective material to expand our knowledge of the natural universe. By 1771, a French diver named Freminet produces a crude bronze and brass diving helmet with eye holes, allowing explorers to stay at depth for ever increasing lengths of time. The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface, and ultimately supporting all living organisms, unlocking the mysteries of deep-sea ecosystems can reveal new sources for medicines, food, energy resources, and other products; hence the aptly named Cortina Limited Edition Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver Bronze “Demiurgus” provides much needed thought to the material goods one chooses to adorn – it’s a Creator of our universe, very much as you are the creator of your own eminent domain.

The 100 piece limited edition Diver Bronze “Demiurgus” distinguishes itself from the others through its dial, an alliance of Bronze – early civilisation and early modern Marine industry’s
metal of choice – and khaki – mirroring the color of the Military camouage uniform. Complying with military and diving technical specifications, the Cortina edition of the Bell & Ross Bronze Diver features gold-plated appliqué indices with Super-LumiNova® inserts, creating legible contrast by day and in twilight, perfectly readablity.

The 42mm Bell & Ross – Cortina Bronze Diver is made from satin-polished CuSn8 bronze – an alloy made of 92% Copper and 8% Tin; cohesively a material that is deeply linked with not just with deep diving history but also, our history of civilisation. Ruggedised bronze, an alchemic composition over its predecessor, arsenic bronze, requires tin. In civilisation’s pre-history, tin was only found in a few locations on Earth – England, France, the Czech Republic and the Malay peninsula and with major Bronze Age civilisations like the Egyptians found around the Middle East, hence, it becomes logical to infer that globalised trade connected the entire continent tip to tip, Malaya to England. Compounded with the fact that one cannot produce tin-bronze by accident, the blend of tin-bronze implies precision and technology, at the time, available through schools of artisans known as ‘guilds’ implies that “Demiurgus” might be a name more preciscient than its originators might realise.

Furthermore, unlike stabilised bronze composed of aluminium-bronze like those used in Tudor Bronze Divers, a greater amount of patina can form on the Cortina Limited Edition Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver Bronze “Demiurgus”. Depending on its environment, the metal will cast beautiful tones of reddish brown or greyish green with time, giving it a rugged and distinctive touch, and making it unique.

This limited 100 piece edition BR03-92 Diver Bronze is available for purchase only through Cortina Watch’s online platform.

Cortina Bell & Ross Bronze Diver Price and Specs

Movement Automatic calibre BR-CAL.302 with 48 hours power reserve
Case 42mm bronze with 300 metres water resistance
Strap Aged leather
Price S$ 6,200.00 after GST

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