Rolex Perpetual Submariner: A Wrist Watch That Introduces Regality With Elegance

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner and Submariner Date watches have been designed with numerous upgrades and minute detailing but didn’t injustice their originality.

Apr 02, 2020 | By LUXUO

Indeed! The Rolex Perpetual Submariner is designed to bring out the actual royalty, and class one possesses. Many consider it a conventional dive watch; it remains justified to its originality despite being slightly larger and having updated movement.  

Rolex brought a new generation of Submariner Date and Oyster Perpetual Submariner watches in 2020’s September. And, these new generations of timepieces are a bit larger than their predecessors and encompass new movements. While the Submariner recently uncovers the Caliber 3230, Submariner Date Versions are equipped with Caliber 3250 for the first-time. While the Submariner believes in keeping with their original design rejecting to display dates, the Submarine Date is available in a stretched array of colour combinations. Now, let’s take a close look at this piece of Regality from Rolex to recognise the superiority it indeed seizes. 

Upgraded Details have Made Way for Novel Proportions 

The way the Submariner is modified, summing up various details, has crafted a new watch. The Submariner’s diameter has been increased to 41.36 mm from 40.6 mm. (the measurement has been taken diagonally from 2 to 8). The lugs and crown guards are slimmer from the previous model, but it caused the lug width to grow and reach 21mm, which is 1 mm more. 

Rolex’s mirror upgrades have made for this watch have altered the entire proposition of the watch, while the main case body, dial, bracelet, and bezel are not away from the list. And, if you compare this timepiece, keeping it at the side of its predecessor, these changes will be apparent. But, encompassing plenty of modifications and granular detailing, this new version watch is way more than a 1 mm more oversized watch than its ancestor.   

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The Technical Features Make the Watch Stand Out Even More  

The bezel is retched counterclockwise, while around the edge, the grooves facilitate secure hand grip for driving gloves and wet hands. You will find a unique black ceramic-made numerical Cerachrom inset in the rotating ring. And a slim Platinum layer is there on the markers on the hour track and recessed numerical. The Oyster case has the bezel having ceramic insert, on which there’s a 30 bar pressure resistance guarantee from Rolex. These watches can survive even in a water depth of 300 meters. They are nothing but the embodiments of reliability and durability. 

The case frame is carved from single stainless steel blocks to make it highly resistant to corrosion. Rolex calls this steel Oystersteel. Apart from the case back, which is sealed hermetically, the triblock winding crown backed up by the protection of three different seals makes sure the pre-mentioned level of water resistance. The top crystal is nothing but a sapphire, which is entirely resistant to scratches, while the 3 o’clock Cyclops magnifier enhances the readability of numbers under it. 

The New Submariner comes with a brand new Oyster bracelet. The bracelet is designed with the patented Glidelock extension system and Olysterlock folding safety clasp. These two systems allow the bracelet to use a 10-step slider for stretching the bracelet up to 20 millimeters. Moreover, it can be uttered that only by endowing this watch with perfection, Rolex has given it the highest level of indisputability.

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