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Jeff Goldblum Unleashed at The Tiffany Men’s Pop-Up Shop on NYC 57th Street

Jeff Goldblum was given free-reign at the Tiffany Men’s Pop Up in New York City where he introduces us to some very lavish yet extraordinarily cool Tiffany & Co. objects

Dec 10, 2019 | By Jonathan Ho

In 1961, Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of Holly Golightly in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s immortalised American luxury jeweller Tiffany & Co. allowing the brand to extend its presence beyond jewel cases and boutiques and into a shared cultural consciousness spanning themed parties and references in popular culture ad infinitum. Thankfully today, gentlemen get to have their own emblem of sophistication and elegance – the ever stylish, sexiest man of the decade – Jeff Goldblum.

On a Friday night last October, Tiffany & Co. celebrated the launch of its first-ever men’s collection with Goldblum headlining the very manly yet elegantly appointed debut of Tiffany Men’s collection of gentlemanly accoutrements – from pool tables right down to men’s accessories like dog tags and cuff links (which incidentally made an appearance at Dover Street Markets around the world, LA and Singapore among them). For one night, the brand set our reigning masculine sex symbol into The Tiffany Men’s Pop-Up Shop, located at 6 East 57th Street (incidentally the street where Goldblum grew up on), showcasing the new Tiffany Men’s collection.

Jeff Goldblum Unleashed at The Tiffany Men’s Pop-Up Shop on NYC 57th Street

“I was thinking, this is on 57th Street, and the first place I lived in New York was on 57th Street…and here I am, decades later, after hours at the Tiffany Men’s Pop-Up Shop. I feel very honoured.” – Jeff Goldblum.

The embodiment of its hypermasculine look book, Jeff Goldblum indulged in a spot of Christmas shopping, perusing the wares of the Tiffany’s Mens Collection and extraordinary objects from A Very, Very Tiffany Holiday at the Pop-Up Shop located at 6 East 57th Street. Tiffany & Co.’s first men’s collection in close to a century (they made Officer’s Sabres and other assorted military hardware in the early days) were designed by Tiffany & Co. Chief Artistic Officer Reed Krakoff, who described his vision as being “direct and uncomplicated.” No flash, no fuss. Finally, fancy men can wear diamonds without feeling self-conscious.

While Tiffany’s women’s oriented accessories and assorted offerings were often associated with the glamour of the Hollywood starlet and her perceived lifestyle (right down to pop up bakeries and cafes where one can have literal breakfasts at Tiffany’s), the Men’s collection finally finds voice in its sensual Sexagenarian; Sporting pieces from the new Tiffany Men’s collection—as well as a dazzling Tiffany diamond brooch —the actor and musician tours the Tiffany Men’s Pop-Up Shop in pure Goldblumesque fashion.

His staccato style dialogue adding a touch of levity to his escapes around multi-storey 6 East 57th Street store showcasing the new Tiffany Men’s collection and the extraordinary objects from A Very, Very Tiffany Holiday, he wonders around picking up various objets d’art, in particular a bejewelled “bird on a rock” broach to rival the Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Paris Flames clip in 18k yellow gold and platinum with diamonds pinned on his lapel before his curiosity takes us on board what looks like the dressiest albeit macho Tiffany Blue motorcycle I’ve ever seen.  Amongst the many wonders, Goldblum deigns to take a selfie but then who wouldn’t? It’s not everyday one gets to see an emblem of roaring machismo (An Indian Scout motorcycle) with famed Thunder Stroke 111 engine producing 119 ft-lbs of torque prettied up in Tiffany Blue. He then heads off for some Tiffany hot chocolate and a gander at the Trophy case before a flight of whimsy inspires him to show off his athletic street-cred, once hinted at with many a topless shot in his many movies, this time demonstrated with Tiffany Blue basketballs.

Goldblum then proceeds to shoot pool on what would like be a snooker table most likely found in the penthouse of Dr. Fraiser Crane or in chaos theorist Ian Malcolm’s bachelor pad (a character Goldblum played in Jurassic Park) than say, straight-laced Jurassic Park colleague and paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant’s town house.

The Tiffany Men’s Pop-Up Shop, located at 6 East 57th Street, showcases 


What Goldblum wore from the Tiffany Men’s Collection and the things which caught his fancy…

On Jeff’s lapel – Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Paris Flames clip in 18k yellow gold and platinum with diamonds

Magnificent 18k yellow gold platinum and diamond brooch, by Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger. The name of this particular design was the “Paris Flame”, highlighting the unusual and fantastic brooch made in the likeness of a flaming 5 point star, with polish gold flame-like rays; its center is set in platinum and features over 1.5 carats of very high grade white diamonds.

On his wrist – Tiffany 1837 Makers 27 mm square watch in 18k gold with a black alligator strap

Featuring a white dial with gold numerals and powered by an ETA 2824 Self-winding mechanical movement with 38 hours power reserve.

On his other wrist – Diamond Point cuff in 18k gold, extra large

The geometric style of the Diamond Point collection lends a contemporary edge to classic designs. The unique cut technique of this cuff creates a textured look for a bold and modern feel.

On Jeff Goldblum’s fingers – Tiffany 1837® Makers black onyx signet ring in 18k gold and Diamond Point wide ring in 18k gold

Designed with black onyx, a unique variety of quartz found in nature, this modern design turns heads with a smooth finish and high polish. Crafted with a makers symbol inspired by the renowned Tiffany hollowware shop, the Tiffany 1837® Makers collection honors Tiffany’s legacy of expert craftsmanship through a modern lens. This bold ring works just as well styled with a casual tee as it does with a button-down shirt.

His Diamond Point ring follows in the same vein as his bracelet: Designed for the modern man and inspired by a culet—the bottom point of a diamond—this versatile ring is a piece for every day.

Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger Bird on a Rock Clip

This iconic Schlumberger design has been recognized as a whimsical symbol of glamour since its introduction in 1965. In 18k gold and platinum, this small version of the original piece boasts an emerald-cut tourmaline, round brilliant diamonds and a round pink sapphire. Tourmaline, carat weight 50.61; round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight 1.70; pink sapphire, carat weight .01.

Very Very Extraordinary Tiffany Indian Motorcycle

Available in the U.S. only, Tiffany in collaboration with Indian Motorcycle International, Wagner Motorsports and Barnstorm Cycles & Jeeps created an Indian Scout Model featuring custom-laced wheels with chrome-plated rims and spokes dressed in vintage tread tires, a custom high-polished stainless steel exhaust, Tiffany-designed engine covers, a custom Tiffany sterling silver plaque on the front fender and a custom Tiffany Blue® paint job.

The Pool Table

For your favorite player, a handcrafted Tiffany Blue® Blatt Billiards pool table fashioned from rift-sawn American oak with a professional-grade Tiffany Blue® felt bed. The design features a sterling silver plaque that can be custom engraved by Tiffany’s master hand engravers with a message of your choice. Four custom maple cue sticks, a white oak pool triangle with sterling silver details, a set of Tiffany Blue® pool balls and a sterling silver chalk holder with Tiffany Blue® chalk puts the holidays in the pocket.

Tiffany Paper Clip Playing Cards in a Leather Pouch

In the brand’s Home & Accessories collection, form meets function and quality to make ordinary objects extraordinary. Your whimsical Tiffany Paper Clip playing cards can also be stored in this luxurious pouch for a sophisticated feel ala Goldblum.


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