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6 Artists Revamp Lady Dior Bag

Lady Dior will be reinvented with the help of six more artists, following in the footsteps of artist Marc Quinn.

Nov 06, 2016 | By Staff Writer

The iconic Lady Dior handbag is getting a makeover thanks to six new artists joining contemporary artist Marc Quinn in creating a limited edition accessories collection. You will recall that the French fashion house, Dior, had collaborated with Quinn in June to incorporate his oil paintings onto the classic bag to mark the opening of Dior’s London boutique. The new collaborations will be produced in no more than 100 examples each.lady-dior-reinvented-2

Matthew Porter, a Brooklyn-based photographer presents an automobile inspired design that incorporates marquetry to showcase a car suspended in mid-air (main picture, left). Revisiting his ‘Cannage’ motif is American artist Daniel Gordon, which results in a spontaneous graphic print produced in black and white mink fur (main picture, right).

Mat Collishaw, who hails from the UK and is best known for referencing nature, came up with a design that incorporates two butterflies with velvety soft wings (above, right). Also from the UK is Jason Martin who created 3D undulating ‘curves’ across his version of the bag, to suggest organic movement (above, left). Ian Davenport, again from the UK, reinterpreted his ‘Colorfall’ painting series, made by using syringes to inject paint onto aluminum or stainless steel, to create one of his bags (below, right). Another artist focusing on color is Chris Martin, whose vibrant bag design was derived from his artwork ‘Frog 1’ (below, left).lady-dior-reinvented

The bags and accessories will go on show at a pop-up installation in Miami during Art Basel on November 29, before heading to LA, Korea, London, China, Dubai and Paris.

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