Piaget High Jewellery collection 2017: “Sunlight Journey” reflects the Mediterranean sun

Inspired by Amalfi Coast in Italy, the new Piaget collection recreates the beauty of the Mediterranean sky at dawn, midday and in the evening.

Jul 23, 2017 | By Pameyla Cambe

Perhaps nothing can ever come close to the inspiring beauty of nature, but that hasn’t stopped Piaget from painstakingly trying to recreate it. The Swiss jeweller has crafted some of its most beautiful collections with Mother Nature as its muse, from its Rose Passion collection filled with diamond replicas of the romantic flower to its range of collections inspired by the very essence of life — the Sun.

“Sunlight Journey” is Piaget’s fourth high jewellery collection dedicated to the largest burning star and follows “Mediterranean Garden“, “Secrets & Lights“ and “Sunny Side of Life“. This time, the Maison has set its eye on the moods and atmospheres cast by the Sun upon the scenic landscapes of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The result is a breathtaking range of necklaces, bracelets, rings and cuffs that are punctuated, like the day, by three main themes: Secrets of Dawn, Midday Festival and Nightfall Celebration.

Mirroring the shades of pink, beige and grey that are seen at dawn as the Mediterranean sky and sea blur into each other, white opals and Paraiba tourmalines form images of memorable scenes on watch dials. Set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds, the “Infinite Waves” watch features a special mother of pearl and parchment marquetry dial that depicts a calming view of the Mediterranean sea.

At its peak, the Sun bathes the shores and waters of Amalfi Coast in its golden light. The iridescent shades of the sea at this hour are reflected on the unique “Verde Bisazza” watch, which is composed of an asymmetrical mosaic of emeralds, diamonds and green tourmalines. Like waves lapping against the shore, rows of emerald-cut blue Ceylon sapphires, black opals and diamonds give the “Azzurro Bisazza” necklace a captivating quality that shifts with the tide.

As the sun begins to set, the sky becomes a glorious display of orange, pink and gold streaks, which is captured on the “Viva l’Arte” cuff watch, adorned with purplish pink spinels, red spinels, pinks sapphires and spessartite garnets. Within the artistically crafted feather marquetry of purple sapphires, red spinels and diamonds on the “Viva l’Arte” ring lies a promise of a new day: a brilliant diamond flower in full bloom.

While its excellence may never be on par with the effortlessness of nature, the “Sunlight Journey” collection exudes a level of beauty that only the master craftsmanship of Piaget could achieve — and it’s one that we’d gladly settle for.

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