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Lucky Dior Signet Rings

It is time to get lucky with the new Lucky Dior collection that brings a piece of the brand’s history with each ring.

Aug 09, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

While others have ventured away from signet rings, Dior has given the concept a new twist with the Lucky Dior collection. In white, rose and yellow gold, the signet rings are a perfect fit for those looking to invest in a talisman that is both symbolic yet versatile.lucky_dior_bee_.59913103008.h0

Along with a precious stone, the luxury French brand incorporates symbols that hold special meaning to the house of Dior. Take for instance the bee that represents the Christian Dior seamstresses against the deep black onyx or the lily of the valley that has long been associated with Mr Dior. Other designs that make up the collection include a clover to represent good luck that is set against amazonite as well as a star that was also important to Christian Dior against a radiant brown stone.lucky_dior_rose.3bcbc103137.h0

The oval, which reminds us of the famous armchairs laid out for guests at catwalk shows, is another symbol that has been put in ring form. In this new collection, it is combined with fluorite, which is associated with protection. The initials CD, for Christian Dior of course, are a key part of the collection, and have been set against a red coral backdrop. The rose is an important symbol for the fashion house and was therefore an obvious inclusion in the collection. In this case, the queen of flowers, which reminds us of the designer’s childhood garden in Granville, is set against a navy blue lapis.

The pairings prove to be a unique mix of the brand’s history and symbolisim that produce a radiant Lucky Dior collection that is sure to add some character to an outfit.

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