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Bvlgari infuses new Barocko High Jewellery collection with Roman grandiloquence

The new Bvlgari Barocko High Jewellery collection looks back at 130 years of Roman heritage and picks the an era known particularly for its grandiloquence – the baroque period from 1600 – 1800

Jul 24, 2020 | By Jonathan Ho

Bvlgari’s new Barocko High Jewellery collection is a celebration of life and beauty, taking bold inspiration from one of the greatest periods of European history. Capturing the iconoclast spirit of the era, the new Bvlgari high jewellery collection, weaves an exquisite narrative between the Maison, the city of Rome and the Baroque style.

Rome is at the heart of everything the Maison does. As the Covid-19 crisis worsened, Bulgari was one of the first major jewellery houses to respond with a major donation to Rome’s Lazzaro Spallanzani hospital. Hence, it is exemplary that it not just seeks its joie de vivre in the city’s material and architectural extravagance but also its people and its soul.

Bvlgari infuses new Barocko High Jewellery collection with Roman grandiloquence

With this new exclusive Barocko High Jewellery collection, Bvlgari telegraphs a message of hope and optimism in collections like Meraviglia or wonder, Luce or light, and Colore or colour; its an artisanal manifestation of vibrant colours, scintillating light effects, fanciful shapes and exquisite details which convey a glimmer of positivity, if not outright joy, given the exuberance of recent high jewellery auctions including a certain Tutti Frutti from a fierce rival, audacious creativity abounds even darkness.

As the collection’s name suggests, the timeless influence of Rome’s Baroque artistic and architectural heritage meets Bvlgari’s daring and audacious spirit in Barocko. The rings, necklaces and earrings are voluptuous, complex and mesmerisingly geometric – unexpected cuts and angles make for whimsy that is surprising from the typical opulent but majestically sombre creations which often exemplify high jewellery creations.

For over 130 years, the Maison’s native Rome has been its muse and in embracing its eccentricity and flamboyance, Barocko sets a new benchmark for the new Bvlgari high jewellery collection because it takes adopts such exuberance with an equal eye for timeless refinement.

From the iconic Fountain of the Four Rivers sculpted by Lorenzo Bernini and the near church of Sant’Agnese in Agone designed by Francesco Borromini, to the Horti Farnesiani complex on the Palatino hill and the bronze statue of Archangel Michael located on the top the Castel Sant’Angelo papal fortress, Rome’s Baroque landmarks, influence the combination of dramatic grandeur and graceful lightness of the new Barocko high-jewelry collection.

Bvlgari rewrites the rules of high jewellery design

While tried and true classics like rubies, sapphires and emeralds abound, what makes Bvlgari’s new high jewellery collection so riveting is that it twists their typical adornment into outrageously fantastic creation like the Lady Arabesque. It’s so timeless in their appeal yet perfectly contemporary and in keeping with modern tastes.

It must be said that a creation such as the new Barocko Colore Lady Arabesque can take a year or more to create simply because each stone must be sourced (unearthed around the globe by Bvlgari jewelry creative director Lucia Silvestri ) and then must match in size, shape and colour. It’s a manufacturing and logistics nightmare, but in the hands of a Bvlgari artisan, a dream given form.

Designed to inspire awe and wonder, Bvlgari’s Barocko objets d’art play with light and shadow, injected with a dynamism matched only by its preciousness and elegance: the curved lines of 16th century decor join with unpredictable variations of nature, into an alchemy of linear and minimal elements in harmony with maximalism and essentiality. Given the artisanal nature of each creation, each Barocko is a one of a kind high jewellery artifact.

Meraviglia or wonder

Capturing the softness and voluptuousness injected by Baroque artists, including Gian Lorenzo Bernini, into their sculptures, the “Ruby Drapery” earrings and rings play with white gold, diamonds and rubies to draw curved, sinuous lines inspired by marble drapery.

Quintessentially poetic and delicate, the “Sapphire Lace” necklace combines platinum, diamonds and Ceylon Blue Sapphires to create a lightweight, feminine texture, which is inspired by the exquisite Baroque lace fabrics.

Baroque swirls take center stage in the “Arabesque” platinum ring. The eye-catching central emerald-cut diamond is framed by a triumph of emeralds, as well as of brilliant and pavé-cut diamonds, drawing seductive and alluring curved, sinuous lines. Essentiality and flamboyancy find a perfect balance in this irresistible ring, expressing the signature grace and harmony behind each Bvlgari creation.

An apotheosis of high jewelry craftsmanship, the “Green Dream” necklace features five outstanding Colombian emeralds, defined by a lighter yet highly vibrant color, part of a lot of ten gems that Bvlgari jewelry creative director Lucia Silvestri followed around the world for more than a year. Their precise cut creates a charming contrast with the delicate and graceful look of the diamond and emerald sinuous decors for a composition creating captivating effects of lights and reflections. A bracelet and earrings complete the set.

A stone’s throw from the Bvlgari headquarters in Rome, from the top of the Castel Sant’Angelo papal fortress, a bronze statue of Archangel Michael watches over the Eternal City. Its outstretched wings inspire the sophisticated design of the “Wings of Rome” platinum necklace enriched with diamonds in different cuts – marquise, round and drop, which are set to create three different layers for a fascinating 3D effect.

Luce or light

Requiring 500 hours to be completed, the modern and charming “Serpenti Spell” diamond bracelet-ring sparkles with the ethereal seduction of the snake, an omnipresent motif in the Baroque aesthetic and an iconic symbol of the Bvlgari DNA. Inspired by the dramatic flamboyancy of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers in Rome’s Piazza Navona, this versatile, unconventional piece, injected with dynamic movement, also echoes the seductive henna tattoos of Indian women in order to celebrate empowered ladies choosing outstanding, distinctive pieces.

Echoing the vibrant opulence of peacock feathers, as well as the unpredictable extravagance of the Baroque movement, the “Peacock Wonder” necklace showcases a daring, audacious combination of colors and precious stones, spanning from tanzanites and aquamarines to chrysoprases and emeralds, for a sumptuous, highly exuberant result.

A rare, vibrant yellow kite-shaped diamond sourced in Hong Kong steals the spotlight on the “Raggio di Luce” opulent and highly refined ring, also showing a graphic combination of yellow and white diamonds recreating the extraordinary light effects of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa sculpture, one of the masterpieces of the High Roman Baroque.

Colore or colour

A triumph of quintessential joie de vivre, creative bravery and unapologetic elegance, the “Cabochon Exuberance” necklace is an audacious invite to a charming travel around the world. Showing graphic decors inspired by Rome’s Horti Farnesiani complex on the Palatino hill, this outstanding necklace combines two tanzanites sourced in New York, rubellites and emeralds coming from Jaipur, as well as aquamarines purchased by Bvlgari in Hong Kong, all cut in different shapes and combined in a daring on-of-a-kind colorful piece, designed to steal the spotlight.

A vibrant hot pink tone gives a bold, audacious feel to the outstanding 60,79 carat flat drop- shaped rubellite standing out on the “Lady Rubellite” sautoir, where pavé settings of diamonds, amethysts and rubellites meet the timeless sophistication of pearls, highly popular elements during the Baroque period.

Nothing says “Barocko” more than the “Lady Aarabesque” necklace, a true homage to the Baroque aesthetic combined with a quintessentially Bvlgari color palette of charming, delicate yet vivid shades of purple, green and gold. Pink and violet sapphires sourced in Sri Lanka are combined with tiny Paraiba tourmalines, emeralds, as well as round and drop diamonds, for a joyful extravaganza of Baroque curls. The coordinated pendant earrings are an exercise of feminine, elegant grace.

One of the most complex pieces in the Barocko collection, it required 1,500 hours to be completed, the “Rosso Caravaggio” necklace combines cutting-edge flair and timeless sophisticated. Showing a rare 10 carat cushion ruby, sourced in Mozambique, mixed with sparkling diamonds, this outstanding piece with its distinctive red color and the alluring juxtaposition of light and shadow immediately recalls Caravaggio’s unique and striking artistic style. Embodying modern versatility, this high-jewelry creation hides a sophisticated mechanism which enables to obtain two detachable necklaces for multiple styling options.

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