Roman Night Fever With Bulgari Wild Pop Jewellery Collection

The latest Bulgari Wild Pop jewellery collection was inspired by a single dialogue by Andy Warhol during a conversation with Nicola Bulgari.

Jul 03, 2018 | By Lynette Kee

As the sun set in Rome, Stadio de Marmi was brightly lit by the stars that got together to celebrate the debut launch of Bulgari’s new Wild Pop high jewellery collection in the city. The party was an ode to the extravagant 80s era with its myths and protagonists while paying special tribute to Andy Warhol.

Bulgari Wild Pop Jewellery Collection: A closer look back in time

The 1980s was a period that greatly honoured art, culture and design. Women decked out in striking prints and exaggerated silhouettes, and artists like Andy Warhol, Jean Michel-Basquiat, and Keith Haring pushed the boundaries of art and led the era through the visual art movement that is now known as pop art.

In true Bulgari style, the night encapsulated the full 80s spirit, embracing empowerment and free-spiritedness. Every segment of the night was a highlight-worthy moment from the gastronomic experience and electric lights to the special performance by 80s pop band Duran Duran, but none came as close a call to the spectacular showcase of the collection on the runway. Set against 80s soundtrack, the models emerged to the centre stage, each presenting a unique character that represents the jewellery they adorn.

Duran Duran perform at Bulgari’s Wild Pop Event

“We are always looking for the impossible” – Nicola Bulgari

The jewellery itself is a visionary collection inspired by big personalities and creative spirits, all of which the King of Pop Art, Andy Warhol embodies. It all started when Andy Warhol told Nicola Bulgari, “I think your jewellery is the 80s” during a conversation published in Interview magazine, he went on to add, “Everybody is trying to copy this look.” Mr Bulgari replied, “But they can’t because we are always breaking our heads to do better, always better.”

“When I am in Rome, I always visit Bulgari because it’s the most important museum of contemporary art” – Andy Warhol

The Bulgari Wild Pop jewellery collection is not just an emotional tribute to a great artist at his most vibrant time but also a representation of the Maison’s enduring values, executed in rare gemstones designed in unexpected combinations – a style that speaks to the hallmark glamour of Bulgari.

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