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Stylish Subtlety: Giorgio Armani Private Bag

Enter the Private Bag, a functional and timeless piece put together with top-notch craftsmanship.

May 13, 2016 | By Rachel Ang

Some may mourn the passing of the days when men could get away with simply stuffing their tick wallets, mobile phones, and a whole bunch of keys into their pants’ pocket. We, however, are more than overjoyed that the era of awkward bulges are long gone. No amount of hands-free convenience can be worth the eyesore of those inappropriately lumpy thighs. Instead of groping blindly through a mass of loose change, keep your belongings within easy reach in the latest creation Giorgio Armani: the Private Bag.


Available in an extensive range of classic masculine colours, this latest series of business bags, produced by the prominent Italian fashion house, is the essence of elegance and understatement. Designed with the needs of the urban man in mind, it caters to the gentleman who is able to be simultaneously dynamic and reflective, fashionable yet unpretentious, allowing him to keep his everyday essentials at hand as he weaves through the crowd along the bustling city streets.


Apart from being an elegant style statement, the Private Bag also showcases Giorgio Armani’s painstaking craftsmanship. Every inch of this bag is made with an exacting eye for detail and boasts the luxurious feel of well-made leather goods.


The Private Bag is distinguished by the one-centimetre thick dark matte piping that runs along the edges of the exclusively selected tumbled calfskin and crocodile leather. This, as well as the thick thread used for the tone-on-tone stitching, not only calls attention to the bag’s simple and precise shape, but also adds a sturdy masculinity to its look. On the inside, the bag is lined with cotton twill in the same dark colour, with plenty of compartments that will keep all your gadgets well organised and easily accessible, making the Private Bag an amazing functional accessory.


Those eager to get their hands on this extraordinary bag will be happy to know that the Private Bag collection will be available this May. Offered in the colours of ivory, taupe, warm tan, red, dark green, dark blue, dark brown, and black, it will be retailing at select Giorgio Armani boutiques as well as the Armani online store.


Story Credits
Text by Rachel Ang

This article was originally published in Men’s Folio Magazine

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