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L’Officiel Malaysia features emerging model Frida Westerlund on August 2016 cover

L’Officiel Malaysia shot Frida Westerlund in Gucci for its August 2016 issue, which focuses on everything art and design.

Aug 01, 2016 | By Calvin Chong

L’Officiel Malaysia August ’16 issue is all about art and design where it put the spotlight on the movers and shakers of this realm of expression and who better to front this issue than one of our favourite rising stars in modelling – Frida Westerlund. Dive

All dressed to art perfection in Gucci, Frida is the embodiment of art and design as she showcases her finesse and edge – a trait everyone have come to love about her.

Aside to the exciting cover with Frida, L’Officiel Malaysia wants you to dive into the whimsical allure on the technical aspects of things as it presents you the most thought-provoking fashion show settings of Fall/Winter 2016 in Ready, Go, Set!, which includes sets from Prada, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana and more.

There’s also the charming collision between watch’s craftsmanship and technology in More Than Just Time, and the modern reinterpretation of beauty in Art of Abstraction, all set to take you into the deep world of construction and savoir-faire unlike any other.

Like always, L’Officiel Malaysia is an advocate for local talent and this issue and for that, there is also a dedicated feature on the local finest in furniture design and making in Living Design section.


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