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Industrial Meets Artisanal in Turkish-American Accessories Label Mlouye

Mlouye’ssculptural 3D pieces are made using artisanal techniques which reflect founder Meb Rure’s Turkish heritage and her background in industrial design.

Mar 16, 2023 | By LUXUO

Accessories brand Mlouye is making waves in fashion circles for its unique sculptural designs made from responsibly sourced materials. However, the brand’s founder, Meb Rure — who grew up surrounded by fashion magazines on account of her mother being a tailor — eschewed the industry at first, instead opting to study industrial design in her native Turkey.

It was through her training in design that she learned about the importance of creating a product that fulfilled a need — and because fashion’s raison d’être is based on desire, Rure instead honed her skills on furniture. It wasn’t until she took a turn designing laptop bags that her own desire to marry inspiring designs with practicality and purpose in smaller-scale objects took hold.

For SS23, Mlouye presents its coveted, hero design — the Sera Tote — in new colourways including vanilla, cinnamon, and coffee, as well as candy-floss pink and frosty blue. The bag’s different colours emphasize the brand’s mastery of construction; the harmony of hues highlights the architectural design. 

The atrium of New York’s Beekman Hotel serves as the inspiration for the tote. Its clean lines and archways are reflected in the bag’s geometric leather panels which are deceivingly flexible, neatly expanding outwards to allow enough room for all of your on-the-go must-haves. And although 100 per cent of Mlouye’s leather is sourced from Italy, each of the panels is cut and stitched together using upcycled offcuts from other styles. 

In order to bring these complex structures to life, Mlouye employs the use of cutting-edge technology alongside the craftsmanship of skilled artisans from Rure’s homeland, so that each detail — including the suede drawstring, the detachable leather strap, and the double handles — reflects the architectural spirit of the style.

The brand offers free express shipping worldwide and covers duties and taxes for all countries. So if you’re after a sculptural statement that’s environmentally conscious and made to last in both construction and style, Mlouye’s Sera Tote is a worthy investment. 

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