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Gucci Dapper Dan’s Capsule Collection is Finally Available Online

You can fiinally cop the full lineup from Michele Alessandro and Dapper Dan’s collaboration on Gucci’s official website.

Jul 28, 2018 | By Lynette Kee

Gucci first announced the collaboration between Michele Alessandro and the sartorial king of hip-hop Dapper Dan in September 2017. Though earlier this month, the collection was released but sold only exclusively at Gucci’s Soho store, the fruits of the pairing are now finally available on Gucci’s official website and other selected flagship stores.

The Gucci Dapper Dan’s Capsule Collection is Not for the Sartorially Faint of Heart

Dan, born Danial Day was the guy that brought designer fashion into the context of street culture, decades before the influence of Kanye West or Rihanna. He shot to fame due to his audacious use of luxury logos in his designs and went under fire circa 1992. Despite the bad publicity, it was worth recognising that what Dapper Dan did was an original re-imagination of style. Put in today’s context, where imitators fill the luxury circle, Gucci is seemingly staying ahead of the curve by playing the game. And who better to do a collaboration with than (the OG) hip-hop tailor who single-handedly planted the seed for luxury street fashion?

If you have not already seen, the collection reimagines Dan’s archival designs in the form of tracksuits, bomber jackets and accessories with a Gucci twist. The red and green palette, as well as the gold chains and medallions featuring lions and Greek gods, are emblematic of Alessandro Michele’s aesthetic. Modelled by Harlem natives and models in a series of photographs by Ari Marcopoulos, Dapper Dan’s capsule collection campaign shots captures the imagery of hip-hop’s finest of the 80s donning bespoke Dapper Dan pieces during his heyday.

Gucci, under Alessandro Michele, has once again proven that fashion can be subversive in all of its contradictions and excess if done the right way, in fact making it all the more coveted. From the tamer selection of shirts and sweatshirts (from US$650) to pieces that are downright loud (padded bomber at US$5,600), you can now shop the full lineup here.

We can already feel our pockets burning.

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