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Five Ideas for Winter Fashion Outfits

Winter is no excuse to be dull — style up your winter fashion with these sartorial tips to refresh your wardrobe.

Jan 24, 2024 | By Florence Sutton

Winter is the perfect season of the year to try completely new things in fashion. Plus, it’s a time when you can wear more clothes, mix patterns, try combinations and create very different looks, so you can have more fun.

The coldest months of the year are your opportunity to wear coats, shirts, accessories, jackets, everything that in other warmer seasons you leave in the closet. Now, just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to wear everything at the same time. As in the rest of the seasons, balance, and style are fundamental. That’s why here are five outfits ideas for winter that we are sure you will love.

Create a Layered Look

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Layered looks are your best alternative in winter. Adding more items to your looks will protect you from the cold, but you can also create fashion outfits that will look great on you. The first thing you will need is a simple t-shirt, this will make you look casual, but also great for any occasion.

On top of the t-shirt, you can layer a t-shirt and then top it with a leather jacket or knit sweater that is thick enough to keep you warm. Then, if you still want to add one more layer, you can incorporate a coat that is large and long enough to cover you.

On the bottom don’t forget to wear a pair of jeans and for the shoes it will always be a good idea to wear a closed one. Now, regarding the colors, you could keep this look simple by using basic tones. Maybe a white t-shirt will go well, a red plaid shirt with black will look excellent, and a beige sweater will make an excellent contrast.

Try an Oversize Look

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Oversize outfits are here to stay in the fashion world, and in winter you can create stylish looks if you choose the right clothes. The ideal is to mix more fitted garments with others with oversize cut.

For example, straight cut jeans can go great with an oversized sweater. The good thing about oversize is that it allows you to add more clothes underneath to protect you from the cold or to give the look a little more dimension.

Another option is that all the garments of your look are traditional cut. That is, your shoes, t-shirt, shirt, sweater, and jacket are normal cut. What will give the extra touch is a maxi coat of oversize width and length to be the special touch of your outfit. This can be used for many occasions both formal and informal, and you will always look good.

Dare to Wear Colours in Winter

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The colour palette for winter is not usually too vibrant. This is a time when sobriety is part of most people’s looks, but you can go for something different. You can achieve this with alternative fashion clothes that fit your body well and are also colorful.

Just because you decide to go for colour in winter doesn’t mean that every garment you wear will be a vibrant colour. If you do this it can look bad, what you should do is keep the look neutral and add some intense colours such as red, purple, green, pink and similar shades.

For example, if you are wearing dark jeans, black boots and a beige coat, you could wear a red t-shirt to add a touch of colour to the look. Now, if you want your coat to steal the show, choose it in the main colour, but leave the rest of the garments in a more sober colour, so it won’t compete with the others.

Wear Prints and Look Bold

When we think of prints, the first thing that comes to mind is a floral or tropical print. And while this is the most common type of print, it is not your only option for winter. There are alternative prints such as plaid that will be an excellent choice for this season.

If you want to look stylish, you can wear a turtleneck sweater with a pair of pants with a tartan print. Although, if you don’t feel so bold to wear this type of pants, you can change the print’s position. Wear more classic pants and incorporate the print into a t-shirt or sweater, and it will look great.

At this time of the year, plaids look great. You can find them on a lot of garments, and they all look great. My favorites are hats, scarves, jackets, and even t-shirts. Any option will look good on you. But remember to avoid combining one print with another, as it might look a bit too much.

Create a Look With Fashion Accessories

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A good winter fashion outfit should include stylish accessories. Your options are many, you can add scarves, gloves, hats, glasses, bags, belts and much more. All your options are valid, but it is not always a good idea to include them all in the same look.

Imagine you already have a look with a pair of jeans, beautiful leather boots, a knit sweater and a jacket that matches your boots. While the outfit is not bad at all, it lacks an extra touch that you can add a matching scarf. This way you can add new colors and make your outfit pop.

Also, accessories will help you add more style to the look. For example, if you already have a complete look but feel it’s missing something, try adding a knit hat, beret, or cap. Which option you choose will depend on how casual or alternative you want the appearance to be. Either way, incorporating it will make you look much better and more stylish. Although if you want to take your looks to the next level, don’t forget to accessorise with bracelets, watches, earrings, rings, and anything else that completes the look.

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