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Ferragamo x Sara Battagalia Leather Bags

This new capsule collection will have you dreaming of all the vivid hues within the color spectrum.

Jun 21, 2016 | By Allysha Nila

It is a widely known fact that Salvatore Ferragamo was quite the colorful personality. From his glory days in the glitz of Hollywood to his private pilgrimage to Florence, he strove relentlessly for creative freedom. Frustrated with only producing shoes that were pleasing to the eye and not the foot itself, he even proceeded to study the human anatomy to troubleshoot his designs. This tireless quest to realise perfection, honor craft and refine talent is exactly why the Ferragamo name lives on until this day — and why Fondazione Ferragamo (a foundation created in 2013 to promote and showcase the aesthetics and signature style of the man) was founded.


So when the opportunity for the brand to collaborate arose, it was only natural that 30-year-old Sara Battaglia’s name surfaced as a likely candidate. Achieving early success in 2011 with an eponymous bag line so quintessentially Italian, the detail-centric designer – who claims to have designed her first bag when she was six – makes for a perfect match to the heritage leather goods house. Humorously linking legacy with the contemporary, the playful Battaglia offers a child-like perspective to a brand synonymous with elegance and refinery. The result of the collaboration: a myriad covetable – and very current – designs created with charming naiveté that toy with texture, structure and colour.


One crucial Ferragamo archive piece served as the foundation for the collection’s prismatic aesthetic: the iconic Rainbow Wedge from 1938, designed for The Wizard of Oz actress Judy Garland. The quirky, eye-catching pair of sandals radiates brilliance, and bears glimmering gold kid straps and rainbow-hued suede strips covering cork heels. But being someone dissatisfied with just visual triumphs, Ferragamo looked to musical-theatre stages for structural inspiration: the golden pedestals and steps from which actresses were raised became the rationale behind placing panels on the wedges’ platforms, displaying his architectural cognizance. Quite self-evidently, the Rainbow was a shoe designed for a star.


This sophisticated referencing is what makes Battaglia’s capsule collection not only visually impeccable and relevant, but also intelligent — although, with stark design taking centre stage, historical details might be overlooked. Nevertheless, it has been proven that Ferragamo’s designs — although created in the early 20th century — are still strikingly relevant today.


The collection’s wallet, notebook, pouch, four handbag styles, keychain and belt will easily be favorites among today’s A-listers: Kate Bosworth, Miriam Leone and Caitriona Balfe have already been spotted rocking the pieces.

This story first appeared in L’Officiel Singapore.

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