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Dsquared2: Soccer Suiting

Dsquared2’s ongoing partnership with Manchester City sees a second sartorial collection to outfit the team during their Fall/Winter 2018 football season.

Feb 22, 2018 | By LUXUO

Jerseys and shorts are well and good on the football field (where the beauty of the game takes centrestage), but they’re reprehensible everywhere else. That’s why professional teams and players are partnering with designer labels to cultivate their fashion sense. As the Official Fashion Partner of Manchester City, Dsquared2 is responsible for dressing members in exclusive pre-match uniforms when they travel for their Champions League games. The sophomore collection again mixes formal tailoring and off-duty denim looks — a distinct Dsquared2 signature — and proudly showcases the “modern-original” club badge: near the notch lapel of a tailored jacket, on a narrow tie, on the back of a navy felted wool peacoat. The season’s accessories come in the form of a lace-up military boot, lace-up leather shoes, belt, and knitted scarf and hat.

“Our work is shaped by our passion for the game and for the faces of this team, as well as our close friendship with [manager] Pep Guardiola,” says designers Dean and Dan Caten. “We worked closely with him and the rest of the team to define each piece. The looks celebrate the youth, athleticism and contemporary masculinity of these amazing and stylish players and their coach.” With the diverse personalities of City’s athletes and their lean physiques that frame clothes flawlessly, Dsquared2 has found the perfect match to exercise their commitment to the most popular sport in the world.

Words by Yong Wei Jian

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