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4 Trendy Ways to Elevate Menswear – As Told By The Streets

Among the LUXUO editorial team, we leverage on the lingering aftermath of fashion week to demonstrate 4 different ways you can wear tailoring.

Jul 16, 2018 | By Lynette Kee

While the lightning-fast season of Men’s Fashion Week is long behind for some, most of us are still constantly on the lookout for ways to elevate our everyday style. With the bulk of fashion season behind us, we take a look back to the streets (and street style) with a fresh pair of eyes, discovering ever new ways to elevate men’s style and menswear: mixing classically elegant pieces with contemporary high street fashion. Among the LUXUO editorial team, we leverage on the lingering aftermath of street style and street photography of the many dandy “peacocks” to curate a list of creative ways you can style your suit within trendy yet acceptable realm of everyday wear.

There’s no denying that street style in Florence, Italy  is especially on point, rivalling that of any other European menswear capitals in terms of sartorial showmanship. Hence, it is only natural to take inspiration from the streets of Pitti Uomo 2018. After all, it is the contemporary ground zero for stylish men who have defined the boundaries of classic tailoring and menswear. Here, we demonstrate 4 different takes on classic tailoring.

1. Athletic Accent


Pitti Uomo is renowned for its sophisticated menswear and impeccable tailoring. While both still remain prevalent this season, there was also something else in the mix. Athletic accents were expertly injected into the usual sea of suits and smart essentials. The result is a sporty edge juxtaposed against classic tailoring and an infusion of high-end streetwear. To achieve this look, try pairing formal and casual pieces together, such as smart trousers and a tailored coat with a pair of sneakers or a bum bag.

2. The Matching Set

Colour coordinates are eternal keys for unlocking a classic gent’s style, and though the heady rise of streetwear may have prevailed the fashion scene of late, the “peacocks” of Pitti remain dressed in full tailored suit ensembles, exemplary of the suit’s everlasting power and prominence in a man’s sartorial arsenal. This 2018, over-the-top sartorial suits are enhanced by flamboyant colours for an added contemporary, vibrant look.

3. Colour me Casual

Every season sees a wildcard trending among the guys. This time, it is splashy bold prints and Hawaiian shirts. Slipping on a fun print beneath your tailored blazer is another way to say “I want to be taken seriously (though, not too much).” But for a real statement, go for the full nine yards without the blazer and match with a pair of equally striking loafers to channel casual Italian flair.

4. Something Blue


The versatility of indigo blue has earned itself prominence in the past few seasons. From streetwear to tailoring, throw on a blue ensemble for a classic stylish vibe. The trick is to match different hues of blue for each component. Elevate to a smart casual-chic look by trading either of your shirt or the outerwear for a denim piece.

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