Best Deals and Steals: Types of Men’s Watches You Should Buy in 2021

People used to overlook the style and design of their wristwatches before, but today, it’s a part of an outfit, so no one should be careless when it comes to it.

Jan 15, 2021 | By Tyler Pack

A watch on a man’s wrist can say a lot about his social reputation and character. Additionally, a man’s appearance can be enhanced by the watch he wears. It could also be as simple as a fashion statement, something to complement your clothing.

The significance of wristwatches evolved as the years passed by. People used to overlook the style and design of their wristwatches before, but today, it’s a part of an outfit, so no one should be careless when it comes to it.

Are Wristwatches Still Fashionable?

Many are asserting that watches will become obsolete soon, yet it’s still popular among wearers today. With the emergence of smartphones, the function of the wristwatch seemed to have subsided. However, the watch business is claiming stability and prominence in the digital age.

There are 5.20 billion people who have mobile phones, yet many of them don wristwatches every day. This goes to show that a wristwatch is still a thing today.  

Men prefer different styles, and the wristwatch they wear reflects the style they want to express. Because of this, you must follow a guide that can help you select a suitable watch for your style. Also, you can ask your local watch store staff to help you choose.

2021 Ultimate Men’s Watch Style Guide   

Here are the different styles of watches you could choose from:

Dress Watch

If you are obsessed with minimalism, dress watches for men are a fair choice. It’s a traditional design you can wear with a leather jacket and office suits. It goes well in any formal event, allowing you to impress attendees with your classic look.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a job, a dress watch increases your possibility of getting hired for a job you want. Watches should always be considered in impressing your future employer, and this watch is made for career men.

If you have money to spare and want a little fanciness to your dress watches, various diamond Rolex watches for sale in the market might be something you would like. This way, you’ll become much more stylish compared to wearing standard dress watches. 

Driving Watch

For stylish riders, a driving watch isn’t only a timekeeper. It also highlights a person’s level of sophistication and masculinity. Driving watches were first used by car racers to keep track of their time record in the circuit. However, today, this is no longer the practice. 

Most driving watches come in sharp colours and are unlike any traditional wristwatches. It’s flashy and bold enough to suit a myriad of outfits that a driver can wear. 

Men with bigger wrist circumference should choose a watch with a huge face. Hence, see to it that the size of the strap is proportionate to your wrist. And since it’s something that you’ll wear while driving, make sure that the quality is decent enough to last long rides. 

Field Watch

Among many other types of watches, field watches or military watches were made to serve a purpose—to tell the exact time of the day. Soldiers of World War I have started the craze of field watches. 

Field watches are mostly made up of stainless steel cases and durable leather bands. Usually, the dial of this watch is in black, while the numbers are in white. Such contrast gives off a rugged yet sexy appeal. 

Field watches are made durable and smart today. Because we are now in warfare against a virus, it’s about time that we look back to the military heritage and wear field watches to still be in control of our time amid a pandemic.  

Touch Screen Watches

There is a wide variety of options you can choose from when it comes to touch screen watches, offering another level of accessibility to its wearer. This type of watch is powered by a battery, so you should look into the watch’s battery capacity to enjoy its features for an extended time.

Smartwatches are devices you can use to keep track of the metrics, especially on personal health. Your heart rate, calorie intake, pulse rate, hours of sleep, and even the daily steps you take are counted by this watch. Its sleek and ultramodern design makes the wearer look chic and bright. 

The best smartwatch series on the market is the Apple Watch Series. It remains unrivalled, though other mid-range models are trying to catch up by upgrading some features and designs based on the flagship smartwatches in the market. 

Hybrid Watches

As the name suggests, the hybrid watch is a combination of smart and traditional watches. However, it doesn’t offer a touchscreen feature like actual smartwatches. 

You don’t have to manually set it since the time it will display is synced to your smartphone. Moreover, it features vibration alerts. It’s minute and hour hands will serve as your phone’s notification alerts.

Basically, it appears like an ordinary traditional watch, but it operates like a smartwatch. It is called a hybrid watch solely because of this. 

Mechanical Watches

Compared to quartz, mechanical watches are way more expensive and bulky. It’s not powered by a battery, so it’s the tightly coiled flat spring that makes it functional. 

Perhaps one of its fascinating features is that the wearer must do something to make it work. You’ll need to wind it on your own, creating a special connection between you and your timepiece. Normally, the coiled spring can power the watch for a maximum of two days.

Practically, mechanical watches require low maintenance, so it’s absolutely worth it. A mechanical watch is as accurate as battery-operated quartz, and its longevity is guaranteed.


Men are acknowledged by the way they present themselves through clothing and accessories. It’s a subtle detail that could make them look distinctly attractive. Regardless of the style and design, investing in your own timepiece is definitely worth it.

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