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The Rise of Wellness Fragrance in Today’s World

Whether is it going back to aromatherapy to spritzing yourself with mood stabilising scents, the option is limitless when it comes to the world of fragrances.

Apr 05, 2022 | By Joseph Low
wellness fragrance
Image: Volant/Unsplash

The wellness industry is now worth a staggering USD 1.3 trillion globally, according to a report by McKinsey. In addition, the sector is growing by up to 10 per cent annually. This represents a massive opportunity for brands to consider new products that address this burgeoning demand.

There are many facets to the wellness sector. From participating in fitness classes such as spin to eating “cleaner” and buying beauty products with specific affective qualities. The case for fragrances is strong here because in a study conducted by Mood Media, “75 percent of all emotions generated every day are due to smell”. Hence, the plethora of perfumes on the market now is an interface between sensorial gratification, wellness and mental stimulation.

Ingredients used in these wellness fragrances are paramount in creating and setting the mood for a person. Here are six functional scents that have been proven to improve one’s well-being: 

  • Rosemary: reduces stress, maintains concentration and promotes relaxation
  • Clary Sage: helps in combating depression and anxiety 
  • Citrus: reduces anxiety and irritability while easing stress and depression, boosts physical and mental energy levels
  • Lemongrass: relieves anxiety and also keeps the mozzies at bay 
  • Lavender: eases anxiety, stress, sadness, and insomnia 
  • Peppermint: alleviates anxiety, sadness, and depression while boosting mental performance

Of course, there are other scent ingredients that have similar beneficial properties. If you can customise your own concoction, that would be the best. It is easy for anyone to create their own desired scent and companies like Maison 21G is at the forefront of democratising this movement.

You can personalise your own scent with Maison 21G. Their products range from perfumes to diffusers and even scented candles. As many of us are accustomed to working from home, decorating your living space with a scent that helps calm you down as you prepare for the day’s work is a step that should not be dismissed. Likewise, lighting a specific candle after work also signals that the workday is over and you can enjoy the rest of the day. For those who enjoy the invigorating hotel scent from the comfort of their own home, consider the fragrances from Aromatech including Aromatech The Hotel scent which evokes crisp bed sheets and a do-not-disturb sign on the door.

While many are excited at the idea of building their own scents, the process of doing so can also be overwhelming. This is why the appeal of “pre-made” perfumes still lives. Another steering the conversation of wellness fragrance is The Nue Co., whose founder, Jules Miller said in an interview that “scent is the only one with a direct line to three of the most important areas of the brain: the orbitofrontal cortex, which signifies awareness; the hippocampus, which is linked to memory; and the amygdala, which helps us sort smells and is directly associated with our emotions and mood.”

Miller’s company worked with Firmenich to develop its scents and also conducted a five-year study with the University of Geneva’s Brain + Behavioural Laboratory. The research found that woody scents, in particular, aid in calming the senses. Other ingredients like myrrh, violet, musk, and cilantro also helped to ground one’s emotion. All this happened within 30 minutes of use.

Before the rise of wellness fragrances, aromatherapy brands have dominated the use of scents as a form of self-care. This ancient technique uses a combination of essential oils to calm one’s emotions and bring them to a better state of mind. In today’s modern way of life, it has transformed and become more accessible through mediums like diffusers, sprays and scented candles. Now, the consumer has a more comprehensive selection, which further expands the market for other brands to join.

Image: Chelsea shapouri/Unsplash

Wellness has been the talk of the town even before the onset of the pandemic. People understood the importance of living more holistically, which prompted its growing emergence. With the pandemic, a new group of conscious consumers have emerged and have taken the obsession of living more healthily to the next level. No longer are they looking for products that only have a singular property. Products have to be able to enhance one’s standards of living. Whether is it going back to aromatherapy to spritzing yourself with mood stabilising scents, the option is limitless. There are even scientific backings to prove its effectiveness, so it is no longer about smelling “nice” but feeling better too.

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