Revolutionise Your Hotel Experience With a Bespoke Scent Design Journey

Elevate guests’ experience and create unforgettable stays with Maison 21G’s unique tailored hotel scent design process.

Oct 13, 2023 | By Florence Sutton
Maison 21G

Within the hospitality domain, where every detail contributes to crafting a remarkable guest encounter, the power of scent design is frequently overlooked and underestimated. However, Maison 21G, a trailblazing force in the fragrance sector, has harnessed this art to transform the way hotels engage with their visitors, inviting them on a journey that surpasses the conventional.

Studies have confirmed the profound impact of a customised scent journey on guests’ sensory and emotional engagement, leaving an imprint on their memories of their hotel stay. This bespoke olfactory experience evokes sensations of comfort, luxury, and familiarity that resonate well beyond check-out. In a fiercely competitive luxury hospitality landscape, the art of tailoring unique scents emerges as a pivotal tool for standing out. By meticulously curating the guest experience from the very first step onto the property, hotels have the opportunity to forge lasting impressions and cultivate positive associations.

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The Art Of Crafting Your Hotel’s Signature Scent

Maison 21G

Maison 21G excels in crafting bespoke scents that capture the essence of each hotel, becoming an integral part of its brand identity. When partnering with hotels, they delve into the essence of each establishment, recognizing its unique identity, narrative, and character. Subsequently, they embark on a journey to craft a bespoke scent that captures the very soul of the hotel. Their team of skilled scent designers collaborates closely with hoteliers to curate scents that encapsulate the establishment’s spirit, ultimately becoming an integral facet of the hotel’s brand identity. The designed scent can be also adapted by region and by seasonality.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel stands as a testament to this endeavour, having undergone a complete scent design transformation, where Maison 21G worked closely with the hotel’s architects to create a perfume that resonated with the establishment’s values and heritage. Incorporating high-tech micro-diffusing techniques, the brand ensures guests encounter the bespoke scent at crucial touch points throughout their stay, efficiently diffusing eco-friendly and safe scents to establish a consistent and immersive atmosphere throughout the hotel, and in some instances, even perfuming the outdoor pathways to extend the sensory journey from the moment guests arrive in their magnificent hall.

Go Beyond And Elevate Your Hotel With An Array of Scented Objects At Key Touch Points

Maison 21G extends their expertise beyond mere scent diffusion; they meticulously curate an expansive selection of scented objects strategically positioned throughout the hotel with their unique branding and style. These offerings encompass:

1. Bespoke Reed Diffusers for Suites, Corridors, Reception, and Bathrooms: Specially designed reed diffusers are strategically placed to maintain an inviting and continuous atmosphere in the hotel. These diffusers are elevated with the hotel’s branding and identity. This is exemplified by their projects at Resorts World Sentosa Hotel (RWS) and Marina Bay Sands Hotel, where Maison 21G incorporated the striking red and gold accents for RWS and the logo of MBS tower.

2. Unique Turndown Amenities: Maison 21G’s thoughtful turn-down amenities comprises of sleep enhancer pillow mist sprays, bath oils, and relaxing roll-ons EDP with essential oil for pulse points. These offerings deliver an exceptional and tailored experience, elevating guests’ comfort before their night. Maison 21G has effectively introduced this concept at renowned establishments such as Mandarin Oriental and Resorts World Singapore, providing an alternative to the conventional chocolate-on-pillow! Beautiful Scent discovery sets are also placed in VIP Suites replacing traditional offerings like wine bottles or fruit baskets, providing an extraordinary keepsake infused with the hotel’s fragrance as a unique memory to bring home as a lasting memento.

3. Customised Ancillaries Featuring Your Brand and Fragrance: Hotels can be adorned and etched in memory through custom ancillary products (shampoo, soap etc) infused with the hotel’s distinct scent. These ancillaries are presented in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, enhancing the overall guest experience. The collaboration between Maison 21G and your ancillary supplier guarantees a seamless and eco-conscious approach.

4. One-of-a-Kind Gifts: Maison 21G partners with hotels to craft exclusive luxury gifts for their esteemed VIP patrons and their loyalty program. These tokens act as keepsakes, allowing guests to carry a part of their beloved hotel experience back home. Each item is gracefully infused with the hotel’s high quality signature scent and branded packaging, nurturing a profound sense of affiliation and devotion. As an example, Maison 21G has created personalised fragrances for the Accor Group’s Live Limitless loyalty program, catering to diverse regional preferences in areas like the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific.

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Crafting Distinctive Hotel Experiences 

Maison 21G goes above and beyond for select hotels by installing tailor-made perfume ateliers, providing engaging perfume creation workshop activities that immerse guests in the world of perfumery, and allowing them to craft their own unique fragrances. This initiative adds an extra layer of distinct experiential value to the guest journey. Maison 21G’s collaborations with prestigious Resorts like Bawah Resort, Fairmont Maldives, M Social, InterContinental Ras Al Khaimah Resort, Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi and others underscore their commitment to enhancing the hotel experience through scent. Their unwavering attention to detail, innovative t approaches, and passion for crafting unique olfactory journeys make them an invaluable partner in the realm of hospitality.

Maison 21G extends its commitment to elevate the culinary experience by offering exclusive high tea pairings, where mini scent discovery sets are thoughtfully matched with the chef’s delectable pastries. This creates a multisensory encounter that indulges guests’ senses and palates simultaneously, enhancing their overall dining experience. This concept was recently implemented at the Westin Hotel in Dubai, receiving enchanting feedback from both guests and the press. The Fairmont Hotel and Sofitel also embraced this option during the Valentine’s period, where it proved to be a tremendous success.

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Maison 21G also takes pride in offering scent formulas that are vegan, cruelty-free, CMR-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and preservative-free. These clean and sustainable formulations prioritise the well-being of your guests and the environment. Our mission is to revolutionise the world of perfumery for hotels, embracing a greener and more sustainable ethos. We are committed to eco-friendly packaging, refillable bottles, and a plastic-free approach across all our packaging materials.

Maison 21G extends the concept of sensory experiences further by presenting an exclusive mixology encounter, which combines creative cocktails made by your mixologist with the art of scent pairing. Much like perfumes, each cocktail boasts its own top, middle, and base notes. Maison 21G offers a distinct experience, melding a unique fragrance creation reflecting each cocktails in a scent, you offer to your guest in a mini perfume spray. We also decompose the main olfactive notes of wine, cognac and champagne to educate Hotel guests on the art of tasting, thereby enhancing your VIP hotel events .Elevate your guests’ exploration with alcohol tasting and fragrance pairings, as Maison 21G delivers an unparalleled olfactory educational drinking adventure that truly sets your hotel apart!

Maison 21G

In conclusion, Maison 21G defies the conventional boundaries of a fragrance company; it emerges as a creator of indelible memories. Through the infusion of bespoke scents and meticulously curated scent-related offerings in hotels, Maison 21G shapes an experience that resonates in the hearts and minds of guests long after their check-out. Discover the transformative influence of scent and enhance your hotel experience with Maison 21G. Their tailor-made olfactory journey will captivate your guests and leave an enduring mark. From personalised fragrances at pivotal touchpoints to immersive experiential events, Maison 21G crafts unforgettable memories.

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