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Karina empowers people to give them a vision of themselves beyond their circumstances; she is a voice of the future — a powerful positive speaker and the voice of a new generation. 

Sep 21, 2021 | By LUXUO

Karina Safarova is a transformational trainer and motivational speaker. We met Karina to talk about her own transformation, her new projects, her ability to empower and inspire people to create success in their life and business. She is a famous author, talking in front of a worldwide audience to shine a spotlight on how anyone can make success happen both personally and professionally.

Karina empowers people to give them a vision of themselves beyond their circumstances; she is a voice of the future — a powerful positive speaker and the voice of a new generation. 

Karina, you are a very humble strong woman with the sharpness of your mind. And you seem to have a clear purpose. How did you find yourself?

Find yourself to help yourself.

Since childhood, I’ve been a fighter and leader. From a young age, I was focused on results and success. I was a top student at school and loved to read non-stop. It was like breathing to me. I loved literature, that’s why my first higher education is on pedagogy. I am a philologist, English Language and Literature teacher. At the age of 20, I have lectured at a University. My philosophy since childhood is perfectionism. I always did the best I could every single day. Challenge after challenge, I have always set myself big beautiful goals and now I live even better than I could dream about.

Do you agree that each person has his own purpose? How did you find yours?

I was born to be strong and valuable. It’s in my blood. In any company and surrounding, I see how I can be useful and valuable. This is my formula for a Fun, Fit and Fabulous Life! Tune in for the latest in health, wealth and happiness with guest celebrities, experts, chefs, CEOs, fitness stars and more. Unlock the secrets to achieving a balanced life that is filled with vitality. Combined with our unique exercises, be inspired to create wealth in both personal and professional capacities, and experience ultimate happiness. Nothing is wasted. What is done is done and cannot be undone and it’s never late to start.

A happy life is enjoying your physical and mental health, mixed with a focused mindset and the blueprints to implement them in the world of business and entrepreneurship

I live the best life every day. 

I try to do the best I can do in any situation. This is my superpower. Convey success and carry light. Share knowledge. I have a burning desire to share. From pain to purpose and the courage to take risks and to help. When I work with clients, I define their purpose with a simple question: “What would you do for free and what can you do well? What’s fun for you?” And so, bit by bit, you can collect all the information for self-realisation.

Life is interesting to interesting people. Life is dull to dull people. You manifest what you desire it to be and it is all in your mind.

You are a coach of millionaires and the London elite. Can you work with any client?

I only have an individual approach with in-depth analysis and directions for each person. My programmes and mentoring are for strong, successful, self-confident people, businessmen, politicians. As a rule, after the first session, the client gets the desired result, inspiration, new attitudes and a lot of insights.

My clients come from different cities: London, Monaco, Geneva, Moscow, America. The concept of my work implies emotional contact with a client, which significantly affects efficiency.

I am a very tough coach and that helps the client to get a new quality of life, strategy and scenarios of thinking and behaviour.

They say about you that you are the muse of billionaires. This is a very clear definition! Who first characterised you like that?

This started in London. I have always conveyed success and radiated abundance, prosperity and inspiration. I am literally a magnet for millionaires and I love making them billionaires. I am like a locomotive. Ordinary simple people don’t come to me. I am immensely proud when I see my clients on Forbes or on TV.

I turn on my consciousness, teach new behavioural patterns, correct beliefs and new habits, and remove a lot of unnecessary actions. I help them grow and become those that history remembers. Everyone can become successful and begin to live the life that he previously only dreamed of.

Is transformation a journey that lasts months or years? What result do you consider to be successful?

It’s a life changing process. Once you start, you will never stop. The sky is the limit. Mine started seven years ago. 

I am against the interference of a person’s personality. After solving a specific problem, the next task is to rise and continue on walking towards the goals. Every day involves a new step and habit. With the help of my techniques and skills, I build up the necessary qualities that enable them to set it into their subconscious. In doing so, it increases productivity manifold.

Besides the aforementioned, I can also help to get rid of phobias, talent-limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences of life. The result is a new level of understanding of yourself and a clear plan of action to navigate your life.

How do you determine whether a client needs a coach, a psychologist, or needs to go for a retreat? Why do they refer you as a coach?

First of all, I had my own transformation and have been in a “dark” place before. Everyone absolutely needs a mentor. For women, I am a role model, a style icon and an example that it is never too late to change. For men, I am a muse and inspiration. But first of all, I become a friend. My task as a coach is multipurpose. I am like a kaleidoscope, adjusting to the needs, tasks, goals and needs of the client.

I am necessary for life planning, a comprehensive look at the situation and finding the best solution in any issue. Thank God for my different tertiary accreditations (I have five of them, including pedagogy and psychology). I have worked as a teacher, coach, nurse, psychologist, designer, but now I am redesigning life. I have changed mine and it was hard work. 

I seek out the shortest route to the intended goal and devise a strategy to reach it in the fastest possible time while also bringing in the greatest benefit. Success is different for everyone, and the values, needs and goals change all the time.

Recently you’ve launched your podcast. Congratulations! And the ratings are impressive! What is the reason for such a success with the audience? 

Karina Safarova

I studied in Los Angeles. Psychologists worked with me as Deborah Patel and the Oprah Winfrey Academy. I was taught how to speak by celebrity teachers. They impacted me the knowledge to get into a person’s consciousness. I translated what I had gained in England and American into the podcast, and it was a sincere recording.

I want to make something great and leave my mark in history. I want to share the most important things with people.

My podcast reached the first rating on iTunes just three weeks after its official release. To be able to rise to such a level means a lot.

How did you come up with the idea for a podcast? Is this some kind of internal need or a business decision?

Wendy Stevens is America’s most powerful woman in the media business. She invited me for an interview and was fascinated by my energy from the first minute. The whole process of recording a podcast, my classes, the preparation took three months.

iTunes and Apple Music approved it five days later. Even world-renowned celebrities had to be examined for at least a week. I put not only all my knowledge into each episode, but also my soul.

My teacher, Forbes Riley, who is also the teacher for all the stars of Hollywood — including Kim Kardashian — said during of the masterclasess that the world should hear me. She said: “Go girl!”

That’s how I became a global voice.

Now the topic of internal development is of great current interest. People run marathons, read books and listen to podcasts. And yours too! Who are your listeners?

It is not enough to gain knowledge, you need to implement it, apply it, learn their lessons. Life is about meeting a lot of people and learning a lot of lessons.

My podcast is categorised as “Education” on iTunes, and if you look at “what people listen to with my podcast,” it’s Tony Robbins. I am now a global voice — the whole world listens to me and writes that my message changes the destinies of people. When I go to reviews on iTunes, I cry with happiness.

Where can one listen to or download your podcasts now? How do you plan to develop this idea?

Karina Safarova

iTunes, Google Play, Spotify. I’ve gone everywhere. This is a phenomenal success. New topics, guests? The topic is the same: Limitless Success. The sky has no limits. Grow or die. My dream is for Elon Musk to visit me. And I am slowly and surely going towards it.

You work daily with human resources and solve business problems. It is very energy-consuming. How do you renew your strengths?

You can’t feed anyone from an empty plate. At Oprah Winfrey Academy lectures I learned to be “whole.” And the resource is a source of energy within me. For this, I do not need retreats, meditations, transformations. I create it all myself.

We already have everything, you only have to learn how to make the right choice. Every good day is about learning to choose pleasures that are beneficial, to enjoy life and be grateful!

There is always pure delight around me. And I solve the clients’ problems with pleasure! We grow up together, learn and enjoy the process! My life is fascinating and exhilarating. I even regret the time spent on sleep — I sleep for 5 hours. The most I do is Vipassana: 15 minutes in complete silence, without moving. Kinesiology massage of three zones for 10 minutes. Breathing exercises.

You have a very busy schedule. Would you share your productivity life hacks? What time management principles do you follow?

Late bedtime, early rise, sleep 5-6 hours. Goals that make your knees shake. Regular routine without bad habits and toxic words like “I can’t”, “I don’t know”, “I cannot”.

The word “ready” even before the task is received. After all, nothing is impossible. There is no ceiling for me, as well as closed doors.

After all, even 100 of the most brilliant ideas cannot be compared with one simple action. Maximum involvement and engagement at any moment. What is the word “procrastination” anyway? I haven’t heard it.

Yoga and workout every morning. 45 minutes of high intensity activity like dancing. Surrounding of successful Forbes businessmen who keep you on your toes 365 days a year.

You have a task and a strict deadline because if you don’t reach it in time, you are already out of the game. My world is the word of no excuses. My recipe is quite simple: you need to make a simple equation for yourself, where the key components will be energy sources, motivational goals.

Sources of energy are sports, hobbies, my favourite activity, books, loved one, my daughter, healthy food, money, freedom, future victories, ice showers, dry hunger, appearance. Deming Cycle: OODA — observe, orient, decide and act — this is how I build up process.

You are actively present in social networks, but at the same time, you convey intellectual beauty to the world. Do you feel like you are influencing young women?

Karina Safarova

The internal state determines the external. Thoughts in the head are more important than your clothes and a flawless figure. The inner state determines the way you look. I have priceless habits. A woman should love, respect and appreciate herself. She does not excessively indulge in food and does not drink at night. She gets up early, plays tennis or swims. She doesn’t fuss. She enjoys her life. She is orgasmic.

I have a whole podcast episode: Emotional intelligence. First of all, I begin to work with the mind, with mentality, attitudes, habits, lifestyle and do not put on a diet or make up an image. This happens automatically.

What qualities should a modern woman possess to achieve success in her business, her life?

Self-esteem. Self-love. Love for others. Creation. Discipline. Education. Endurance. Patience. Faith.

You cultivate your inner world a lot and work on your professional development. What helps you to stay fit? Tell us about your diet and training schedule?

Natural nutrition by David Wolfe — my guru. I devilishly love all sea creatures, oysters and octopuses. Alcohol is extremely rare. It’s not good for me. Waking up early and be excited about my new day. I love tennis and running. I love to dance. I’m high all the time — from life itself, myself, my body and new achievements.

Karina, you have great taste and a sense of style. We know that you have graduated from one of the best design schools in London. Would you share your secrets with our readers?

Yes, in 2015 I graduated from Marangoni in London. I am still a style icon at school. I published a whole textbook with a dress code, wardrobe formation, etiquette, manners and illustrations. I want every woman to look dignified and expensive, bring light and know her own worth. You live as you want.

A woman can do anything. This is not about Chanel blouses, about salads, diets and meditations. It all starts with a thought. Thoughts in the head are much more important than clothes, expensive brands, and a flawless body.

What don’t most people know about you?

Probably, they do not know that a happy, cheerful child radiating joy and love is hidden behind the muse of billionaires. I am always happy and smiling. I can cry. Only relatives know about it.

What is the secret of happiness?

Happiness is in our heads. My happiness is to see how I influence people and change their lives. My happiness is that I am a role model for my daughter. My happiness is that my parents are proud of me. Happiness is found in simple things. In the ability to enjoy simple earthly things. In the ability to feel. To experience intense emotions. To be able to sincerely have joy and be surprised. From the outside, I am a muse of billionaires and portray myself as a fancy glamorous lady, but in my heart, I am a happy girl— like a happy kid. 

You have definitely created a new level of personality development. Tell us more about what there is now and what is planned soon

Karina Safarova

This is a huge project — Lifemakeover Academy. Breakthrough. Redesign your life. This is not just an academy, it is a whole movement and it will be revolutionary. It’s like a 12-step system for addiction treatment. It’s like a red pill in the Matrix. If you took it you will never be able to live as before.

In my academy, a person completely changes his lifestyle, thinking, habits. We are not rewriting the script, although I am a logotherapist and gestalt therapist. On the contrary, we are writing a new script. The authorship of life is always yours.

Now the world is racing at such speeds that we do not have time to deal with trauma or indulge in childhood. There is no time to live in the past, there is no time to be angry, offended and sad. Time is short! One life! Under my guidance, a person will go through a complete transformation at the level of every cell — physically, spiritually, mentally. I went through this transformation myself. Another person is looking at me in the mirror now. A new woman. Happy healthy woman. One in a billion.

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