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Interview: Yap Shan Shan, An Uplifted Day

Yap Shan Shan launched the online boutique An Uplifted Day in July this year, with carefully curated, natural products.

Nov 26, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Yap Shan Shan launched the online wellness and lifestyle boutique An Uplifted Day in July this year, with carefully curated, natural products aimed at helping women have a better day.

What are the most common excuses people make to defend not living consciously?

Yap Shan Shan: All excuses are rooted in the misbelief that people don’t believe they can do it. Every little step you take to practice consciousness counts.

How can one improve in living consciously?

YSS: I am working on eating more consciously. It is not about eating all organic food but being aware of what I put into my body, only eating when I am hungry and stopping as soon as I’ve had enough.

Yap Shan Shan An Uplifted Day

If you knew that the supplies of everything on the planet were inexhaustible, would you still live consciously?

YSS: It is even more important to practice conscious living if we could have everything without consequences because there would be nothing to remind us to stay conscious.

Is it possible for one to live 100% consciously?

YSS: We should try as much as we can. It is not about how much you’re doing but more about being aware of how and why you do the things you do.

Do you think people live consciously to feel good about themselves, to show off to their peers, or because they truly want to make a difference?

YSS: Does it matter why a person begins his or her path of conscious living? I think the end justifies the initial intention, whatever that may be. As long as the practice of conscious living positively transforms the person into a more aware, open, accepting individual over time, it doesn’t matter why he or she started.

This story was first published in l’Officiel Singapore.

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