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10 Most Unusual Hair and Makeup Looks 2015

While they are less common than eccentric outfits, crazy hair and makeup was very much in vogue during the fashion weeks in London, Paris, New York and Milan.

Dec 31, 2015 | By null

We love looking back on out-of-this-world beauty ideas from the fashion houses, especially because we do not cover it as much as the fashion looks themselves. While they are less common than eccentric outfits, totally crazy hair and makeup was very much in vogue on the catwalk during the fashion weeks in London, Paris, New York and Milan. Along with the AFP, we brought together some of the most unusual looks of 2015, which includes some of the usual suspects (hello Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens).


Marko Mitanovski

You might call this one an alternate look for the X-Men’s White Queen or white-on-white crime… The Serbian designer went for a 100% white look for both face and hands – London Fashion Week fall-winter 2015-2016.


Gareth Pugh

This British designer appears twice on this list and this look is the more conservative of the two choices, believe it or not. Gareth Pugh called upon an army of warrior models for his show. They strode down the catwalk with a large red cross painted on their faces, symbolizing Saint George’s Cross which is depicted on the English flag – London Fashion Week fall-winter 2015-2016.


Maison Margiela

Fashion insiders may be surprised by the appearance of this house, led today by fallen angel John Galliano, which typically avoids calling attention to personalities and models. For its fall-winter show, Maison Margiela hesitated between a dark, shady look and highly colorful makeup, as seen here in the form of broad brush strokes in fluorescent shades – Paris Fashion Week fall-winter 2015-2016.


Rick Owens

The American designer is famous this year for making the models themselves wearable – perhaps a commentary on wearable tech – and sending them down the runway as accessories for other models. We find this particular look quite arresting and it totally slipped past most observers who were understandably distracted by the aforementioned stunt. For the Paris Fashion Week fall-winter 2015-2016 show, Rick Owens opted for futuristic makeup, covering faces in gold flakes, which is delightfully festive.


Jeremy Scott

The People’s Designer got a lot of press this year, thanks to a feature-length documentary but the Missouri-born designer also had some notable moments on the runway. Bright orange lips and a retro look for eyes – and hair – at the Jeremy Scott show turned heads at New York Fashion Week spring-summer 2016. Also, Gigi Hadid…


Vivienne Westwood

The original queen of punk fashion remains an unstoppable fashion-forward force. She also seems to be channeling urban warrior aesthetics (like Pugh), going with ultra-wide smokey eyes, at London Fashion Week spring-summer 2016.


Gareth Pugh

Speaking of whom, here he is again. Pugh opts for an exaggerated look with this half-clown half-disco make-up that is almost unreal at the London Fashion Week spring-summer 2016. Seriously, we are not even sure if this model is a real person…



At Missoni, the eye makeup could not be accused of subtlety as it took the form of a brightly colored extra-wide line from the lashes to the brow line. This was seen at the Milan Fashion Week spring-summer 2016.


Olympia Le Tan

The French designer is known for her literary inspirations and we would like to know what book or books inspired what is seen here, from Paris Fashion Week spring-summer 2016. Red was dotted around the outer corners of the models’ eyes and combined with a scarlet lip or a mask.


Issey Miyake

Another one of the original fashion forward mavericks, Miyake retains his ability to push boundaries. Colored prints that looked like tattoos decorated the models’ faces at the Issey Miyake show at Paris Fashion Week spring-summer 2016. Perhaps this was yet another look inspired by either an impending zombie apocalypse or urban tribal warfare.

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