Vake Plaza is David Kezerashvili’s Vision for a Modern Tbilisi

The Vake Plaza is the next power core of the capital of Tbilisi.

May 23, 2022 | By LUXUO
Vake Plaza
Image: Vake Plaza

The sterile architectural style, emblematic of communist philosophies that strive for uniformity, stunted the growth of Georgia’s urban landscape. Since the fall of communism and Georgia’s subsequent independence, the capital of Tbilisi has experienced a wave of urban rejuvenation.

The latest project that contributed to modernising the city skyline is the Vake Plaza complex. The impressive 11-story office building with a footprint of 22,000 square metres aims to be the epicentre of the city’s business community. Many real estate investors are focused on hotels and apartments, and local entrepreneur David Kezerashvili believe modern office spaces would better serve Tbilisi. He envisioned a complex that could function as a hub to connect Georgia with the international community.

The result was Vake Plaza — a complex offering affordable prices and substantial parking space, something at a premium in the bustling city. The complex is expected to stimulate the economy and inspire a new modern vision for the city.

Modern Business Complex That Connects People

The Vake Plaza complex was a product of necessity. When David Kezerashvil embarked on a career as an entrepreneur, the biggest obstacle he faced was the lack of adequate office space to host meetings. Especially troubling for the budding entrepreneur was the lack of basic technological infrastructure in many office spaces available at the time.

Kezerashvili’s solution to the problem was to build the space he required and simultaneously set the tone for future buildings that will drive the country’s development. Concerning the original concept for the complex, Vake Plaza investor David Kezerashvili said: “Vake was designed to provide entrepreneurs and business people the best experience when using our services. That means offering all the practical services a business may need. The vision was to combine high-security features, cutting-edge technology, and modern interior design to channel proper energy for a successful business.”

The multifunctional business centre is located in the heart of the capital Tbilisi. With four underground parking levels, totalling 11,000 square meters, it solves one of the biggest concerns for people transiting to the city centre. Adequate parking for workers and visitors is only one perk of the modern complex. Tenants have access to 24/7 concierge service, and the temperature in the entire building is regulated by sophisticated modern climate control systems.

Special attention was placed on safety measures with fire-resistant materials and multiple fire hydrants on each floor. From the start of the project, the developer’s guiding goal was to create a space providing effortless connectivity on every level, from technology to personal interaction.

The Interior Design Is the Soul of Vake Plaza

The facade of the business complex expresses a blend of modernist art with the corporate world, and this is no accident. From the onset of the project, Kezerashvili was toying with the idea of a unique museum-esque look, something obvious throughout the structure.

More crucially, the interior design creates an atmosphere that will inspire the people using the space. With a particular accent on the lobby, an area Kezerashivi himself took a keen interest, as he has explained: “Khatuna Mikaberidze was the talented interior designer on the project. He found extraordinary furniture from the 20th and 21st centuries, transforming the lobby into a veritable museum. The selected furniture is predominately made of vertical and horizontal lines, with no curves and fussiness. The architects and designers made sure that the lobby was welcoming in an equal manner. I specifically wanted large windows because natural light is crucial.”

Some of the ideas for the furniture were borrowed from legendary architects and designers such as Shiro Kuramata, Frank Lloyd Wright, George Nelson, Frank Gehry, and Piero Fornasetti. Natural colours dominate the space and the material of choice for the surfaces are steel, chrome, and glass.

The Way Forward for the Architecture in Tbilisi

As a gathering place for the local and international entrepreneurs, Vake Plaza will play a role in facilitating the country’s economic growth. However, the modern business centre has a double role as a landmark in the city, motivating an open mindset.

Architecturally, Vake Plaza arranges objects in unconventional ways but makes it possible for them to flatter each other, leaving an impression of a complex building that is at the same time straightforward.

It is a glaring example of how the city can look. Inspiring the residents of Tbilisi that want to remove the traces of the communist era, especially the grim, grey brutalist buildings, and replace them with modern architecture that will revitalise the capital.

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