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The 90,000 Square-Foot Modern Versailles; We Are Still Waiting For The Unveiling

When the recession struck, this behemoth property, The Modern Versailles, was put on hold. Since then the property has secured the funds to continue development and we wait to see the finished product.

Dec 19, 2018 | By Anastazia Prahin

Property Under Construction Pictured With One Of The Owners


The Modern Versailles comes in at 90,000 square foot, and this is without, “counting the guardhouse, the tennis house and all that”.


The 90,000 Square-Foot Modern Versailles

Modern Versailles Still Under Construction


Inspired by a trip to the original construction, the family felt they would thrive in something similar back home and as a result ended up building the largest home in the US. Unintentionally of course, the size of the premise grew and grew, with all eight children adding something in. This paradise for teenagers includes, a two-lane bowling alley, an in-door roller rink, a video arcade and two movie theatres.

To draw a comparison of The Modern Versailles, to the Palace of Versailles, in the southwest of France, you need to compare the grand scale of the building and the intricate detailing throughout it. Within the Modern Versailles there is an artistically exquisite dome in the Ballroom, a design so rich it rivals the numerous Fabergé Eggs that are stored in the garage of the premises. The majestic ceiling design, also featuring colourful inlaid glass, was completed by an artist over a number of years, costing over half a million dollars on the dome alone.


The design of floor in the ballroom intends to reflect the ceiling dome and encapsulate the romantic aurora of the ceilings many features.

Setting the floor with semiprecious stones, including, Onyx and Lapis achieve mirroring the image onto the floor.

Furthering the royal similarities of this Florida property to the Palace of Versailles, is the precast concrete exterior walls, which are encased in Pavonazzo Marble Veneer.


The Modern Versailles Still Under Construction In Florida


To match the man-made lakes created for Louis’ XIV, the Siegels have also artificially crafted their plot of land by raising the family home to sit on top of a man-made hill. The 10acre lakefront property, the house itself sits on one acre, can be found on Kirkstone Lane, near Florida, Orange-County, USA.

The home features a two-storey movie theatre with an internal balcony, inspired by the Paris Opera House.

In addition to, 32 bathrooms, 14 bedrooms, several indoor and outdoor pools, personal wine cellar fitting 20,000 bottles, yoga studios, a fitness centre that has a 10,000 square-foot spa, and an elevator in the master bedroom closet.


After the owners were approached by the television Show, Shark Tank, they are considering potentially adding in the largest shark tank in a private residence. Needless to say, they will not be hassled with personally cleaning such a fixture as the shark tank would be attended to by Sea World. They are also considering incorporating a separate jellyfish tank. Without intent, it appears this property is making the French original come up short and surely sparking envy in the late Marie Antoinette.


Maid Cleaning One Of The 32 Bathrooms Within The Property

The ample-spaced property incorporates 11 separate kitchens. Why? because when the creative couple were designing, they were thinking of the happiness and wellness of their staff who will be attending to this large premises. The couple ensured The Modern Versailles will have 10 staff quarters, each with a jacuzzi and a kitchen so their helpers may re-cooperate after a long-hard day of maintaining such an enormous home.

So, we raise the question… who are the ambitious owners of this modern palace?

The roles belong to husband and wife, David and Jacqueline Siegel. He is the owner of time-share provider Westgate Resorts, a self-made billionaire, she is a former beauty queen.

After waiting the past 15 years in suspense as this mega mansion is being constructed, we die to know when we will be able to see the finished product.

Building was placed on pause during the 2008 recession, when the banks forced the masterpiece property onto the market. At that  time in 2012, it gained no interest from buyers. Yet Jacqueline Siegel explains, the property was not truly on sale and was simply placed on the market to keep the banks happy during the recession. However, she follows up saying,

“if a crazy amount is offered then the sale may become valid”. A price point of 100,000,000 USD would open up the door to a discussion of sale, making it the 4th most expensive house in the USA.

Unless sold prior, the Siegel family are looking forward to celebrating daddy’s birthday in The Modern Versailles on May 3rd 2019. The couple are claiming to be back on track in their completion of the project. And on this note, we wait to see if The Modern Versailles will rival the old.


For video footage of the property see, The Modern Versailles 

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