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The First Gold-Brick Downtown Residential Block in Manhattan

Built in collaboration between an interior designer and a real estate agent, this luxury residential apartment made of gold-brick is the first-of-its-kind in Downtown Manhattan. Find out also how many bricks were used to construct this building.

Feb 25, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

The First Gold-Brick Residential Building in Manhattan

Constructed in collaboration between interior designer Adam Rolston and real estate agent Ben Shaoul, this luxury building located in Downtown Manhattan features a new facade concept of its kind.

Some sixty-thousand bricks were used to construct this 94-unit condominium building. These gold bricks are infused with 24K-gold dust and they will slowly oxidise, becoming darker over time.

“We felt that a traditional glass structure didn’t mesh with the surroundings,” says Rolston, and so, to make the apartment building stand out further in the crowd of buildings, a façade made of gold bricks will certainly give the exterior a “muscular character, reminiscent of the workshops and manufacturing structures that once dominated the area,” comments the interior designer.

Once the building is ready, it will be a real hit for the residents, offering future homeowners an extraordinary lifestyle in the heart of Manhattan, and the residential building will attract the attention of Instagram users!

The apartment will range from studios to four-bedroom, and the price will start at $965,000 and can go up to $6,500,000.

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