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Review: Château du Launay, Brittany

We visit Château du Launay in Brittany, France to find out more about this enchanting property. The landscape alone is worth the price of admission.

Oct 31, 2016 | By Gwendal Garrigue

The heart of Brittany is the scene of Merlin, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, it inspires the heartbeats of artists too. You will understand this by discovering the interior, a land of wonders, of fresh running waters that have forged many rivers, lakes that are in the heart of spectacular scenery. The Argoat, enthralling, mysterious and rustling with legends, offers various landscapes that have multiple tonalities that follow the seasons.Château du Launay

The lands of the Launay, a preserved place where emotions are to be experienced naturally, is a place to rejuvenate. The land is rich and ideal to manage woodlands, develop biodynamic agriculture, organic farming and cooking culture. With 80 hectares of land converted to organic farming in the neighborhood, fresh food is at your doorstep, and you have the chance to taste and learn more about our environment, while participating in its equilibrium. The owner will also have priority in being supplied with the freshest organic food produced from the neighboring land.Château du Launay

No need to go to the ends of the earth to seek out marvels, here, everything is at reach. The richness is at your feet, and you just have to take the time to look and discover unknown places which are appropriate to present-day preoccupations: the search for authenticity with comfort and refinement.Château du Launay

Set in the midst of this rich farmland, and surrounded by Stone Age and Celtic monuments in absolute natural beauty, the 18th century Château du Launay has been completely restored and offers perfect modern comfort. We can trace back signs of a fortified castle on these grounds to the 8th century. Some documents mentioning it in 1422 are found under the name, Vieux Launay. The castle was passed on to various counts in the 20th century: from Comte Monti de Rézé to Comte de Maingard. It has also hosted the prestigious Opéra de Paris.Château du Launay

It is one of the most remarkable properties in the region in terms of size and quality of work. The current owners are very much aware of the environment and have invested in a wood-chip heating system with wood supplied from the neighboring forest, making it rank the lowest on the CO2 emission scale.Château du Launay

With a majestic entrance, a suite of sunny reception halls, and spacious bedrooms with 4-meter high ceilings, each room of the Château provides a sense of well-being. The stone outbuildings have not been forgotten in the restoration either. A chapel, independent studio apartments, a fitness center, and a heated swimming pool with integrated sound system, all form part of the property. It is a place where details collaborate and contribute to one’s overall well-being, with very light and bright finishes. Whether it is the beauty of the ornaments on the buildings themselves or the specific quality of the organic farmland and forests around, each detail comes together to make this place special.Château du Launay

The library, like everything in the Launay, is where past and present harmoniously mingle for exclusive moments, magical experiences, and enchanting interludes. Remarkable stables and equestrian equipment can also cater for up to 40 horses. This is a place where long distance running horses are trained to compete in world championships.

The property is sold with furniture, on its domain of 40 hectares and has a well organized staff that can be made available to the future owners. Extremely rare.



  • Bedrooms/bathrooms:  11 double rooms en-suite
    Sq. Ft.: 13,670
    4 cottages for 8 people each
    Heated swimming pool
    Fitness center
    Gallery of modern arts
  • Price: On Application

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This article first appeared in Palace Magazine.

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