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Climate Change Probably Won’t Affect How the Top One Per Cent Lives

Arkup constructs this cutting-edge home on waters to adapt to the attractive trend of floating house as well as designing it as a livable yacht with a self-elevating system that can withstand hurricane winds.

Nov 13, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

The livable yacht offers a sense of style and a beautiful spot where you can move around freely and independently in the comfort and luxury of your coastal home.

How does it feel like to live an avant-garde life on water? Now you can with the new generation of floating homes made possible. Miami-based Arkup, founded in 2016, pioneers fully solar powered and sustainable livable yachts, has just unveiled a high-end movable floating homes@FLIBS.

This floating residence or a vacation home is designed with a purpose in mind – one that resembles a livable yacht with an extensive space that can be converted into smaller multi-purpose areas incorporating an event venue, a large dining hall, a few living rooms, a gym or a luxurious spa! And these floating homes offer more than just a living space, too.

Living on water is unique and exclusive with an elegant view of the seascape directly from the Master Bedroom

Large spaces can be turned into a party venue or a large dining hall, overlooking the bay with an unobstructed view and experience the feeling of the gentle breeze, listen to the sound of the rushing waves and spend the rest of the relaxing evening away sipping on your favourite tea.

Due to the countless headlines made about hurricane winds that have destructed homes, have inspired innovations in the architectural business to think of primary ways to build hurricane-proof homes. Designed with cutting-edge technology and technical innovation in mind, this “future-proof blue dwellings” can withstand extreme weathers and destruction.

The livable yacht is fully customisable and adaptable to a variety of water conditions from lakes and seas to oceans and rivers, Arkup livable yachts can be shipped globally or manufactured under license.

Thanks to the four hydraulic spuds that will stablise the yacht and help it attune to the high winds and surging waves with its self-elevating system, which Arkup describes it as a new generation of movable homes “of living on water, making you feel 100 per cent safe and protected.”

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