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Light The Way – Lighting Trends in 2024

Here are some of the trends shaping the lighting industry and for a taste of what to expect when it comes to decorating your space with lighting creations.

Jan 02, 2024 | By Joe Lim

Lighting trends in 2024 are proving to be innovative, creative and purposeful. From high-drama ceiling lights where you can create the style and shape as you please to table lamps that tap on orbit and structure through counterweights, your spaces will never be dull, even when the lights are turned off.

American Made Lighting Fixtures

Over the past couple of years, there has been a noticeable increase in the popularity of American-made products, particularly in the home. Now, whether this is due to a push to support local businesses, if consumers have just recognised the higher-end quality of goods made in America, or if there is just a general distrust in the quality of imported goods, we’ve been hearing a mixed bag of responses. 

While there is likely a multitude of explanations for this interest in American products, it has taken the lighting industry by storm as well. The American following behind USA made lighting has exploded recently, as we have seen more homeowners and interior designers chasing some of the outstanding looks and designs that lighting companies in the US have been developing.

Dramatic, Bespoke Lighting

If you want to stun the eyes and get your guests to gawk as they step into your space, then Preciosa’s “Crystal Spin” chandelier will do just that. You can specify a bespoke design of the frame and shape. Designed by Preciosa’s creative directors, Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, they were inspired by icicles and polar lights. Crystal Spin’s handcrafted ceiling luminaire will appear to dance and float in mid-air, mimicking the swirls of lights when the polar lights cross the sky. The brand collaborated with sound artist Juraj Mravec, who composed “Composition in Crystal”, where sound and music mingled harmoniously with light, art and design. This alluring creation snagged the iF Design Award 2023 in the Interior Architecture category.

Balance and Orbit

Richard Sapper’s “Tizio” lamp, designed in 1972 for Artemide, is an icon in the lighting industry. Sapper’s dabbling of counterweight and balance technology in his new creation “Halley” for Stilnovo resembles how Tizio tilts and sways to any lighting position you please. However, with Halley, the structure is more orbital — 360 degrees of rotation. Stocked at W. Atelier, this innovative table lamp has no fewer than six joints and possesses a sphere that serves as a counter-balance for the weight of the luminaire to ensure stability.

Knitted Skin

“Knit” lamps have a stretchable fabric covering the shade. Image: Vibia.

The language of textiles is brought into the design of this appealing lamp aptly called “Knit”. Designed by Meike Harde for Vibia, this lamp conveys a sense of warmth through its tangible fabric stretched over its bulbous frame. The light seeps out through the stretched fabric to give an intimate glow. Distributed by Gamut, the future of lighting looks promising as designers take to fabrics to extend tactility to the realm of lighting and to make humans feel more connected and engaged.

Charge and Go

Portable lighting has a tremendous effect on the lighting industry. Through the advancements in lithium-ion batteries, lighting can now be untethered to a power source, allowing you to bring your light wherever you go. In the garden, on the patio, or even on an outdoor trip, the beauty of light travels wherever you please. Stockist: Driade and New Works available at Made&Make; Gubi available at Danish Design, Grau available at Xtra and Hay available at Grafunkt.

With a raft of designs across many top lighting brands, you will undoubtedly have something to suit your style and preference. Read the captions to discover our top five portable lighting creations. Charge and go to create the mood and ambience in whatever situation, environment or occasion you require.

Organic and Nature-Inspired

Nature and its organic shapes continue to inspire many designers in the interior lighting field. Nature has magic on these creative minds to dream up designs that can materialise and be purposefully used in home and hospitality settings. Distributed by Stylecraft Asia, the “Stellar Nebula” table lamp designed by BIG Architects for Artemide is inspired by soap bubbles. Pop into Space Furniture to better appreciate the “Almendra” ceiling light designed by Spanish superstar designer Patricia Urquiola for Flos. It is an ambitious project regarding design and materials and synthesising poetry in nature — almond fruit hanging from a branch. Lastly, there’s the “Just Like A Light” luminaire, where this whimsical lighting creation by Davide Groppi, stocked at P5 Studio, offers baby alligators forming the base to hold the sleek lighting structure.

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