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A Guide to Automated Spray Coating Machines

From eliminating human errors to precise applications of coating mist onto products, here are some of the benefits of automated spray coating machines.

Apr 29, 2024 | By Florence Sutton

Spray coating machines utilise robotic technology to precisely apply coating mist onto products and workpieces, eliminating human errors while simultaneously increasing productivity and quality. This automation helps eliminate waste while cutting down human errors for greater productivity and quality results.

These systems, including protective spray coating machines, may be utilised with оr without enclosure tо provide a regulated environment for coating operations, and come equipped with various atomisation methods for maximum product coverage.


Spray coating machines, including spray gun Graco, are specially designed tо apply an even mist оf liquid tо products оr workpieces for improved quality and cost savings over time. Not only do these machines eliminate mistakes due tо human error and other variables, but they also allow less finishing materials to be consumed per unit оf finished goods produced, as this prevents mistakes caused by caffeine levels оr random factors like wakeup time.

Reciprocating spray machines are excellent tools for applying finishes to flat panels, drawer fronts and raised panel doors. Used for applying stain, polyurethane, vinyl, and lacquers stains as well as various spray guns suitable to specific products – they may even feature an automated belt or paper conveyor system – these rotary spray machines make great additions to manufacturing or industrial settings alike.


Spray coating is a type of surface finish that can be applied to various products for added protection against weather elements, corrosion and wear – as well as adding visual appeal and improving its aesthetic value.

Automated spray coating machines are more cost-efficient than manual applications, saving your company both time and money. These systems feature precise controls that regulate spray pressure, velocity and angle to produce an even coat without defects like drips or patches.

Automatic spray coating machines offer another important advantage for industrial manufacturing: their adaptability can accommodate a range of materials, helping you reduce production costs while simultaneously improving product quality.


An effective automatic spray coating machine must be reliable and able to deliver consistent results, particularly for medical device coating. One such system, the DL1000 Durability & Lubricity Test System accurately and reliably measures hydrophilic coatings on catheters and guidewires over time.

Suspended solids can clog spray nozzles and cause inconsistent results and maintenance issues, but automatic spray systems have been designed to prevent this by using atomization to turn coating liquid into a fine mist.

This technology ensures the coating is evenly applied without clumps or build-up, improving adhesion and prolonging its lifespan. Furthermore, these machines can handle a range of coating materials easily – an advantage for businesses that must handle both solvent- and water-based spray coating materials – making them suitable for wind power towers, pan blades and pipelines.


Spray coating machines using flammable liquids pose an imminent fire risk, no matter the expertise of those operating it. Without sufficient care being taken when handling this equipment, the equipment could ignite and result in production delays or additional expenses.

Companies can also improve safety while simultaneously increasing performance by investing in systems like Sepion Coater.

This automated spray coating system ensures the workpieces it coats receive a high-quality, uniform layer. This coating protects them against damage, corrosion and mechanical stresses; especially important in steel structures like wind power towers or pan blades. Furthermore, its filtration system reduces overspray and airborne contaminants to keep workers safe while adhering to stringent environmental requirements; furthermore, its user interface features a graphical HMI display and micrometer readout as well as customizable configuration options to accommodate different applications.

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