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A Taste of 2024 in Home Interiors

From Bonaldo’s swivel-top dining tables to the embracing bedhead design from Turri, we look at some of the interesting furniture creations for 2024.

Dec 26, 2023 | By Joe Lim

What will our homes enjoy in the new year? We have a few new creations from renowned brands that have devised novel ways to entice house-proud homeowners. From striking beds to plush sofas, there’s something new for everyone.


"Azul" bed with enveloping bedhead designed by Paola Navone for Turri. Image: Turri.

The “Azul” is a bed devised by preeminent Italian designer Paola Navone for Turri. Navone added this new bed design to the existing Azul Home collection, where she designed the grey velvet sofa and pink powder armchair. The bed is made from entirely hand-woven fabrics. The fabric expresses a three-dimensional geometry only achieved through artisanal handicrafting. The bed’s embracing bedhead gives one a protective feeling.

There is also Matteo Nunziati’s “Domus” sofa, where the new green hue evokes a figurative sense of something new, hopeful or sprouting. The sofa comes in four different iterations: an armchair, two-seater, three-seater and four-seater system. These designs are stocked and distributed by Marquis Singapore.



“Adele” classic dining chair designed by Philippe Nigro for Wittmann. Image: Wittmann.

Wittmann‘s Novelties Spring 2024 is all about creating stylish comfort. Through its two key designers — Philippe Nigro and Federica Biasi — the spring 2024 products are a combination of distinctive design and masterful craftsmanship.

Nigro’s “Joseph” club armchair is an interplay of quilted design and an inviting structural shape where the backrest and seat welcome the sitter. Nigro’s “Adele” classic dining chair expresses a strong character through its milled notches. The minimalist and elegant dining table gives the natural form a distinctive personality.

On the other hand, Federica Biasi’s “Bun” swivel armchair offers a low embracing, laidback form. Its swivelling feature makes sitting even more inviting. The sculpted backrest and thick hemming work at the seams make this seat stand out.

Sebastian Herkner’s “Morton” compact armchair and dining chair also got a new update in proportions. The eye-catching shape of the armchair, with a nod to chic upholstery material, elevates its comfort and style. The dining chair version is also distinctive in style and embracing in nature.


Knoll Saarinen

The new Saarinen dining table has a Grigio Carnico marble top. Image: Knoll.

Paying homage to one of Knoll’s classic designs is the iconic Saarinen Table collection designed by Eero Saarinen. Designed in 1958, the series of pedestal-based tables and chairs have become the brand’s most enduring collections.

Knoll Saarinen

The Grigio Carnico marble top is characterised by an intense grey hue with white, light and dark grey veining streaks. Image: Knoll.

The new tabletop hue for the Saarinen dining table is the Grigio Carnico marble top, which is characterised by an intense grey hue with streaks of white, light and dark grey veining, embellished by a gloss and satin polyester finish to make this creation a showstopping piece. This table is stocked at Proof Living.



The “Torii ST” table was designed by Marconato & Zappa for Bonaldo. Image: Bonaldo.

The new swivel-top versions of Bonaldo’s “Torii ST”, “Mellow”, and “Pivot” are an ode to convivial dining as more and more people embrace the concept of “being together”. The union of ceramic and wood crafted into a circular shape is finally translated into a suggestive meeting of the East and West.

The “Pivot” swivel top table designed by Marconato & Zappa offers solid wooden legs, and the top is made from marble, wood, glass, and ceramic. The “Mellow” swivel top has a large circular top comprising an external wooden part and an internal swivel ceramic portion. Marconato & Zappa’s “Torii ST Table” features a sculptural form where the base is made of curved elements moulded in high-density polyurethane. Striking without being imposing, this majestic dining table will turn heads. Bonaldo is stocked at XZQT.

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