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TSJ 01 Vacation House in São Paulo

The L-shape house is functionally divided to create unique spaces for both work and leisure, in particular, having a huge pool and a bigger barbecue area allow the homeowner to host large parties

Dec 21, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

TSJ 01 Vacation House in São Paulo

Studio Gabriel Garbin Arquitetura designed a TSJ 01 Vacation House for a small family near Itu, in São Paulo, Brazil. The architect explored the layout and developed an L-shape home with a private pool set across the 805 sqm land space to provide a relaxing feeling for the homeowner, away from urban frenzy.

In particular, large windows were positioned at the connecting spaces to present a visual connection through spaces and enhance the brightness of the social areas, from the dining room to the living room and the TV room.

To converse with the landscape, the architects used the Brazilian colonial architecture materials to cover part of the exterior, so as to give a sense of privacy inside. There’s a distribution axis for all rooms, while offering views of the swimming pool and the barbecue pit. In addition, light blue tiles formed the flooring of the recreational pool with the edge coated with fulget.

The bedrooms are located towards the end of the corridor just opposite the social area, so that privacy is guaranteed to residents when they receive visits.

The architects also considered other aspects of the architecture such as the rainwater collection system, water heating through solar panels, dimmer lights and a small composting plant for organic waste, offering much more in quality in both outdoor and indoor spaces to provide maximum comfort and stability to occupants.

Inside the house featured rustic plaster on walls instead of the traditional paints and textured flooring.

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