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There’s A Stunning Secret Bunker Beneath One Of These Woodland Homes in Lithuania

This steampunk-themed wine cellar is designed like a rustic submarine that will house more than 2000 bottles of wine and a bar table to boot.

Dec 14, 2018 | By LUXUO

Rasu Namai / Norbert Tokaj

Paleko Arch Studija and Plazma Architekturos Studija have partnered together and designed 18 luxury woodland homes on some 7000 sqm of land in Pavilviana Regional Park, located north of the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius.

The houses are uniformly clad by timber planks and pitched roofs, along with modern elements like transparent balconies, long bay windows, and glazed globes that peer into the forest from inside. Amongst the 18 houses, 8 of them are elevated on lean stilts above corresponding underground aluminium vaults.

Unveiling The Secrets Of The Secret Bunkers

Rasu Namai / Norbert Tokaj

The bunkers served as storage for guns and military ammo by the Polish army in the mid-1920s. Later, the site was taken over by the Soviets after World War II. The architects preserved the bunkers while restoring the premises, which are now owned by residents of the houses above.

Taking cues from the military history, one of the residents converted a bunker into a stunning steampunk-themed cellar. Originally a wildest dream of the father of a young family, the wine cellar is now a reality that provides the owner with an escape from reality itself. The interior marvel is designed by Gabija Pažarskytė’s interior design studio Dizaino Virtuvė.

3D Centrepiece, Private Wine Cellar, Rasu Park / Norbert Tukaj

The wine cellar is a visually-arresting 30 sqm vault that resembles the inside of a submarine, marked by rustic features such as a metal seats, a metal basin, exposed pipes, and nautical detailing. The central artpiece features an imaginative 3-D human-cyborg figure made of brassy metal.

Metal arcs trace the vaulted ceiling of this otherworldly space. There is a bar table where one can be taken away by the alcohol and the dark, gloomy atmosphere that finds a way to exude its charm.

Private Wine Cellar, Rasu Park / Norbert Tukaj

One will find some 2000 bottles of wine and separate shelves for rare bottles and strong spirits, stored away in the imaginarium for perfect stolen moments.

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