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Luxury Interior Design Ideas that Will Withstand the Test of Time

Wondering how you can stay on trend without redesigning your home every month? From luxury click vinyl tile to rattan chairs, click here for our favourite tips.

Aug 25, 2021 | By LUXUO
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Image: Obi Onyeador/Unsplash

It’s no secret that, for the average homeowner, any significant investments are best made into those features, furnishings and pieces of décor which promise to last beyond the next trend cycle. We want our homes to be stylish, yes, but not so stylish that, within a month or so, they look like a relic from an outdated magazine.

Thus, getting to grips with those interior design ideas which have already proven themselves capable of rising above passing fashions and trends — and of never looking as though they have outstayed their welcome in our living rooms or kitchens — is one of the best things the aesthetically-conscious homeowner can do.

For that reason, here are just a few trends which, over the decades, have remained firm favourites among interior designers and homeowners alike.


rattan sofa
Image: Chris Barbalis/Unsplash

Rattan furniture, characterised by a number of distinctive, woven patterns that match precision and uniformity with an organic textile, experienced something of a heyday in the middle of the twentieth century. From chairs to sideboards, this material was used to add a stylish edge to practical pieces of furniture, and remains highly popular to this day.

In recent years, classic, Bauhaus designs have begun to experience something of a renaissance. What’s more, new designers are continuously looking for new ways to marry together the natural look and feel of rattan with more contemporary materials, like chrome and steel.

And, after so many decades in our homes, it’s clear to see that Rattan will remain a timeless choice for any homeowner. 


When it comes to a home’s flooring, vinyl has been a staple since its introduction to homeowners back in the twentieth century. But, what began as a durable and easy-to-maintain option for the busy, mid-century housewife has evolved into something far more stylish — while, of course, retaining all those convenient features that made it so popular in the first place.

Nowadays, the continued popularity of vinyl has led to a rise in luxury click vinyl tile — also known as LVT flooring which is the opposite of LVP Flooring. Luxury vinyl’s high level of durability and strength is surpassed only by the sheer variety of choices on offer — choices that offer a clean departure from the more basic designs on the market half a century ago.

Here,, you can see an incredible array of options available to homeowners looking for an elegant, luxurious and timeless option for their floors.


Image: Sigmund/Unsplash

Terrazzo is a highly versatile material, created from small chips of various types of rock, as well as glass and shell, which are combined using a cement mixture and cut to reveal a highly decorate and colourful pattern. Each terrazzo is, for this reason, unique, and makers can experiment with various colour palettes and sizes to create new and exciting designs.

Historians believe that terrazzo was first created back in renaissance Italy, as a way of utilising the rough off-cuts of marble. Since then, the technique has continued to pop up around the world and, in recent years, has grown highly popular with interior designers.

Whether you are looking to achieve a neutral, earthy palette in your home, or to put a bold, modern spin on the classics, contemporary terrazzo makers are sure to offer the right design for your space.


There are few things as emblematic of elegance and luxury as marble. All at once, this beautiful, metamorphic rock evokes a rich sense of antiquity, and a strong sense of modernity. Its high shine and unique, rippling patterns are capable of complementing any bathroom or kitchen, and of lasting a lifetime.

It’s no secret, of course, that marble is an expensive choice. Other natural materials like quarts, as well as man-made white concrete, can create a similar look with the home, however.

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