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Luxury Home Upgrade Ideas To Elevate Your Living Space

From kitchen appliances to custom wine cellars — luxury upgrades can transform living spaces while making you feel like royalty.

May 30, 2024 | By Florence Sutton
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Luxury home upgrades are an effective way to add style and functionality to any space — be it new construction or an outdated residence. Start by creating an inviting entryway by clearing away clutter. Add black accents to the architectural features of your home for contrast and an eye-catching aesthetic.

Quartz Countertops

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Quartz countertops offer more than beauty; they also create an extremely durable surface that can withstand stains, scratches and mildew build-up. Plus, the waterproof structure prevents bacteria growth ensuring clean kitchen environments!

Engineered quartz has quickly overtaken granite as the go-to choice for luxury countertop surfaces, and can be utilised in various design styles. Engineered quartz comes in an assortment of colors and designs that emulate natural stones; many varieties also incorporate sparkles or metallic flecks.

Quartz can come with either a honed or polished finish, with the latter providing more visual contrast and color saturation. White quartz works particularly well when paired with warm wood tones and light cabinets, while gray can vary between cool or warm hues depending on which shade you select. Pair your quartz countertops with an eye-catching backsplash to further enliven the space – add functional accents like a knife block or decorative canister set for additional oomph!

Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters add an elegant touch to any home. Their versatility complements all styles of decor and can even cover arched windows! Select narrower slats for classic styling or wider ones for contemporary elegance; paint or stain neutral-colored shutters so they blend into their surroundings or go bold with colored ones for an eye-catching contrast in the room.

Customisable options for window shutters include decorative frames, hidden tilt rods (to avoid an obvious pole), and divider rails to divide louvered sections for easier light control. Additional upgrades such as cloth tapes and routeless slats also add safety and convenience. Cordless operation also ensures safety and convenience when operating window shutters safely and conveniently. Window shutters also help make living spaces cozy by reflecting intense sunlight during summer days while reflecting colder air in winter for increased energy savings as well as lessening harmful UV rays on furniture!

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

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Floor-to-ceiling windows, also referred to as window walls, add instantaneous elegance and views that go on for miles. Showcasing expansive vistas with continuous natural lighting flowing in through them, floor-to-ceiling windows blur the line between indoor and outdoor space, encouraging healthier lifestyle habits.

Add significant value to a home by installing architectural elements like smart glass, which allows homeowners to switch between transparent and opaque at the push of a button.

Floor-to-ceiling windows not only add visual appeal, but they can also dramatically boost a room’s energy efficiency. By providing ample natural lighting throughout the day, floor-to-ceiling windows reduce artificial lighting costs – saving money on utility bills in turn!

Outdoor Living Areas

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Luxury home upgrades such as outdoor living areas are a great way to connect seamlessly with Portland’s breathtaking landscape, offering guests and family members alike an enjoyable summertime experience. Create an outdoor dining room, kitchen, spa and pool deck.

Additions that elevate both lifestyle and property value include home saunas, custom built-in seating systems and state-of-the-art sound systems. Integrating these features will improve your lifestyle while increasing its worth.

One of the best luxury home upgrades you can add is a smart hub with voice assistant capabilities, allowing you to control lighting, operate thermostats remotely, and manage networked devices from any point in your residence.

Replacement windows will help increase energy efficiency while adding an attractive modern touch to your luxury home.

Architectural Window Design Ideas

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Adding high-end finishes to any space is a simple way to elevate the aesthetic and experience of any room in your home. From built-in entertainment centers to radiant-heat flooring, there are endless ways that high-end finishes can take your luxury build one step further.

One of the most sought-after luxury home upgrades is to create an exquisite walk-in closet. Not only does this upgrade increase value and convenience, but it can make morning routines much simpler thanks to having a spacious wardrobe right inside your bedroom.

Installing dormer windows can add an elegant and luxurious touch to your home improvement plan. Dormers provide balance in terms of exterior elements while offering amazing sky and treetop views; making this an excellent addition for Craftsman, Cape Cod, and ranch-style houses alike.

Create an open floor plan to facilitate easy socialisation among your family and friends. Removing walls allows natural light to filter more freely into the room, and keeping an eye on children playing is easier. Furthermore, modern tiling or recessed lighting upgrades your bathroom to give it a luxurious appeal.

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