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Kelly Hoppen Reshapes London Home

Kelly Hoppen defines London property with exquisitely articulated, understated touches of urban luxury.

May 05, 2016 | By Staff Writer

This stunning listed property spans across four floors comprising four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms along with three cloakrooms, a gym and a roof terrace. (Unfortunately, aside from being in London, we cannot reveal any other information about it – Ed).

This remarkable project was a collaboration between client and designer. Having worked together for many years Kelly Hoppen was truly able to capture the client’s desires.

The brief for this property was to create a twist of Kelly’s signature style of neutral luxury and construct an eclectic mix of new and old with splashes of color.

Mel Yates_Kelly_The London Property (52)

As you enter into each room of the property you are captivated by its elegance, softness and quirky twists with pops of color blended into the furniture; hidden like treasure in the interior of cupboard doors or subtly expressed through upholstery, artwork and decorative cushions.

Each room is as inviting and intriguing as the next with the iron staircase adorned with waterfall feature lights guiding your pathway through the space. The use of natural materials throughout the bathrooms is in keeping with Kelly’s famously sought-after style; elements that add to the soft and luxurious feel of the property.

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This story was first published in FORM. 

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