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Five reasons to fall in love with Minotti

Minotti brings back styles from the past to combine them with modern aesthetics in order to create a contemporary narrative for designer furnishings.

Feb 05, 2021 | By Joe Lim

Here’s why there are five strong reasons to fall in one of Italy’s most treasured and beloved furniture brands – Minotti.

70 years and going strong
Decades of experience in crafting some of the world’s best “Made In Italy” upholstery products. Since 1948, the company founded by Alberto Minotti was focused in delivering high-quality, contemporary furniture designs which are designed and manufactured in Italy and shipped across the world in 64 countries with a network of 39 flagship stores. Today, Minotti is led by Alberto’s two capable sons Renato and Roberto Minotti. Since 1998, the two brothers have been responsible for the brand’s corporate strategy while its creative vision is led by its creative director Rodolfo Dordoni.

Meet the master
Rodolfo Dordoni’s relationship with Minotti began in 1997 and has stood the test of time. Born in 1954 in Milan, Dordoni graduated with a degree in architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1979. Since then, Dordoni has already made an impact charting the art direction and corporate identity for many high-end furniture brands in Italy such as Artemide, Cappellini, Fortana Arte, Foscarini, Roda, and the list goes on. Since 1998, Dordoni has shared the same aesthetic principles and creative styles that the Minotti brothers firmly believe in and to manufacture the finest “Made In Italy” products that are revered all around the world. Dordoni has been charting Minotti’s stratospheric rise in the furniture industry, mainly because he understands how to put a beautiful collection of furniture pieces every year for Salone del Mobile. In 2010, Dordoni’s “Senza Tempo” was feted by design heads everywhere. The collection was lauded for its cleverness in marrying the aesthetics of the past with the present while channelling a future-forward style that remains timeless. The exquisite collection was remembered for its sophisticated materials, everlasting comfort, high-quality materials and product durability.

Rodolfo Dordoni, creative director, Minotti

Best seats…ever!
Characterised by its linear aesthetics guaranteeing flexibility and personalisation, the Hamilton sofa system has come a long way. It is a true icon belonging to Minotti. Designed in 2004 by Rodolfo Dordoni, it has endured close to two decades of enduring versatility. Widely used in many residential, corporate and commercial spaces, this timeless sofa offers a diverse array of modular combinations, bases, and fabric/leather choices to provide the spoils for the consumer. One of Hamilton’s most cherished detail is how the base sits so close to the floor. In fact, the one where its base in metal with the black-nickel finish, helps to characterise the structure, which is slightly raised off the floor, like a frame that runs along the entire perimeter of the system. Lastly, the Hamilton family now offers 53 modular elements so the entire system is dynamic and flexible to cater to a wide range of environments for the home, office, commercial and/or hospitality appointments.

Minotti “Hamilton” sofa system

Small Icon
Don’t snub this stool from Minotti. Designed in 2004, the Cesar stool is both multifunctional while delivering a contemporary aesthetic that feels so appropriate for our times. It can be used as a pouf or coffee table for an indoor setting. In 2013, the “outdoor” version was birthed. It aided in Minotti’s outdoor collection of furniture pieces, and its evergreen appeal meant it could style up patios and verandas while enduring all the elements with its UV-stable, Baydru 60 structural polyurethane material.

Minotti “Cesar” stool or pouf

2020 and beyond
While COVID-19 had a negative impact at Salone del Mobile 2020, Minotti was determined to make its 2020 collection sell. And it did! Dordoni assembled some of the best designers – Nendo, GamFratesi, Christophe Delcourt, Marcio Kogan/studio mk27 – to design modernist-style furniture items to embellish this collection. Some of the key features to this collection was the notable usage of high-quality sartorial savoir-faire found in haute couture, to be used in a range of Minotti products. The new upholstered seating systems, seats and furnishing pieces are characterised by the purity of their shapes and volumes, defined by rigorous geometries with an architectural appeal. The collection is a nod to the Mid-century styles of California alchemising ith the minimalist forms inherent in Japanese designs. In many of the pieces, you’ll witness a high level of sartorial craftsmanship in seating elements, bolstered by styling references that hark back to the 50s, 60s and 70s. Look further and you’ll spot marbled surfaces, luxurious wood, or even the glint of brass that’s mingled with leather and fabrics. The devil is clearly in the details! This is a brand who’s always looking towards the future while embracing its past. Read about a past collection from Minotti here.

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