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Elliot James Interiors Earns Top Spot At the Luxury Lifestyle Awards

The award-winning design studio is driving the momentum for luxury interior design and architecture in Singapore

Jul 15, 2021 | By Joseph Low
Elliot James Profile
Credit: Elliot James Interiors

Design studio, Elliot James Interiors has won the title of “The Best Luxury Architect and Luxury Interior Design Studio in Singapore”. This award was conferred by The Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The panel was impressed by the design team’s meticulous planning and dedication to realising the client’s concepts.

What makes Elliot James Interiors a premium destination among the most discerning clients is its range of services. Everything from the initial consultations to procurement, drawing and project management are all fastidiously covered by the team. This means a single committed team is readily available should the clients require any clarifications — a mark of excellence that epitomises luxury.

Ardmore lounge
Credit: Elliot James Interiors
Ardmore dining
Credit: Elliot James Interiors
Ardmore dining 2
Credit: Elliot James Interiors

The core for any business is to understand the needs of its clients and this is especially so for big projects like designing a residential space or commercial venue. At Elliot James Interiors, the team is always seeking to comprehend what the clients want and have their ideas fully actualised for the final revelation. The team constitutes members with varying experiences and they can advise the clients on how to spruce up their original ideas. 

Taking a multicultural and global approach to design makes Elliot James Interiors a unique agency. Illustrating their exceptional design prowess, the team was tasked to design two apartments located one above the other. The owners are a father and son duo with two distinct briefs but upon closer inspection, a common thread was found: the desire for high quality, luxury homes. 

Cuscaden Two Dining night, Elliot James Interiors
Credit: Elliot James Interiors
Cuscaden Two Dining, Elliot James Interiors
Credit: Elliot James Interiors
Cuscaden Two living dining, Elliot James Interiors
Credit: Elliot James Interiors
Cuscaden Two Lounge, Elliot James Interiors
Credit: Elliot James Interiors

One of the requirements for the father-son project was to meld the traditional influences of the home with a contemporary style that overall encapsulates the essence of high-end living. The other project’s requirement was focused on group entertainment with an edgy twist. The luxurious style of the former remained as the foundation for the two apartments. Together, the project exactly demonstrated Elliot James Interiors’ ability to design for a wide range of design briefs.

Founded in 2012, Elliot James Interiors is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing agencies in the realm of luxury interior design planning. And with such a high standard of design, clients can be assured that their spaces will be in good hands. 

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