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Design ideas for the home: Siemens Home Appliances are “Great Minds in Kitchen Design”

Kitchens aren’t just solely for cooking and we have just the right people to help us design a space that is tasteful and functional

Mar 28, 2017 | By Teri Chong

What does your kitchen mean to you? A place to unwind and relax after a long day, a communal space that brings together friends and family, or a room to entertain or socialise, the possibilities are manifold. The modern kitchen has certainly come a long way from its traditional rendering as solely a cooking space. Now, kitchens symbolise much more than pure function; they reflect lifestyle, status, and an attitude of enjoyment designed to enhance one’s quality of life. And you even have a diy outdoor kitchen kit if you want an alfresco night with friends.

Harnessing these aspects is at the forefront of the Siemens Home Appliances brand, which recently launched its first kitchen design book in Hong Kong, titled “Great Minds in Kitchen Design”. The book celebrates a partnership with five of Hong Kong’s finest kitchen designers and showcases their creative views on the changing landscape of modern kitchen design, as well as the various types of kitchen spaces found in the city. Through several specially curated showroom concepts and feature pieces contributed by each of the five designers, Siemens aims to highlight the importance of the kitchen and how it functions as an integral part of contemporary living. The right kitchen design then, bears the potential to enrich and refine the lives of the consumer today, transforming what we find beautiful into something greater that inspires efficiency and enjoyment.

Inside, the book presents some key perspectives on conceptualising the modern kitchen. Tommy Fong, owner and designer at Kitench, discusses incorporating a taste for beautiful luxury kitchens with the maximisation of living space in one of the world’s most densely populated cities. Sunny Chan, owner and designer at Elegant Kitchen, approaches the kitchen as the “homeowner’s crown jewel”, a vehicle for entertaining and social bonding. For Almas Lam, owner and designer at Bonkuchen, home relaxation and living are themes that take precedence in designing the kitchen, while designer-to-the-stars Gilbert Tam, owner and Chief Designer at Pro-Kitchen, sees a well-designed demonstration kitchen as an important first step to further promoting the trend of teaching culinary arts at home. Finally, Davis Ng, owner and Kitchen Design Specialist at Euro Cucina, strives for an all-purpose kitchen workspace that balances both productivity and activity with comfort and pleasure. With a strong team of talented and dedicated minds behind such an endeavour, the kitchen is poised to become a stylish and efficient living space that takes centre stage in every home.

The “Great Minds in Kitchen Design” book is now available at the Siemens Home Appliances Showroom and online. For more information, do visit

This article was first published in Palace 18.

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