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Concept Verre’s Interior Lighting Shines Bright

Indulge in customisable luxury lighting fixtures with Nice’s own Concept Verre.

Feb 08, 2024 | By Florence Sutton
A massive pendant light of the Nuage collection in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Istanbul.

Concept Verre combines exquisite interior lighting with its signature sleek design. Since its conception in 2007, Concept Verre has prided itself on combining “noble and old materials” to execute modern and refined pieces. This luxury lighting brand has grown to build a reputation with its unique mouth-blown glass. Using mass-tinted Murano glass, interior lighting pieces are made using traditional mouth-blown techniques by master glassmakers.

Concept Verre
A combination of lit and unlit glasses gives the Nuage collection its distinctive identity, at the Carreau du Temple in Paris. 

Since 2017, Concept Verre has combined the purity of glass with natural materials such as marble, stone and wood to create sensible and refined collections. At its core, Concept Verre aims to create lighting pieces that each have character, combining strength and grace alongside collaborating with a team of passionate designers.

The final touch of ambiance in a Provençal farmhouse.

Using mouth-blown glass as the centrepiece of their creations, they have chosen this storied technique to enhance indoor lighting and dress-up interior spaces. Each of Concept Verre‘s products incorporates the latest technological and normative developments and reflects their know-how in terms of originality and manufacturing quality. The company successfully balances its opulent French roots to suit an international clientele.

The Circé collection adorns the lobby of Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport.

Concept Verre also offers customisation options on their lighting fixtures, to adapt their designs to all projects. Today, their creations are distributed internationally and adorn the spaces of the most prestigious locations. Each creation is a work of art, and they treat it as such. For all of their fixtures, each glass is checked and decorated one by one in their workshop in Nice.

A custom-made Circé pendant light in the Atol flagship store on the Champs Élysées in Paris.

Their in-house painter carries out the finishing touches; from subtle gradients to pastel hues and silvering, each finish has its own technique. They precisely apply every nuance, stroke, and detail to create a final look that perfectly matches the customer’s style.

Concept Verre
The Circé pendant light completes the gorgeous interior of this seaside home in Marbella.

Encompassing residential property to public spaces and corporate offices, Concept Verre’s custom fixtures will add a touch of sophistication and character to any space. Each piece is lovingly and meticulously crafted to offer clients an unforgettable lighting experience.

Concept Verre’s iconic Circé collection in a vacation home on France’s West Coast.

With its wide range of personalisation options, Concept Verre believes that every fixture should be an extension of your personality and how you envision your interior to look. Be it an intimate ambiance, an explosion of colour, or a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, Concept Verre aims to turn your vision into a reality.

Concept Verre
Kahina pendant light in a home in Provence.

Head to Concept Verre to find out more.

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