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Are you “car-on-wall” rich?

Think out-of-the-frame for your next interior design project and mount your favourite car for display.

Apr 30, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

Modern trends seem to be exploring the boundaries of typical interior decorations. If you’re a car enthusiast, consider hanging an entire car in your living room like Pablo Perez did with a Pagani Zonda Revolution.

Image Credit: @pperez on Instagram

Perez dresses up his living room – literally – with his unconditional love for Pagani automobiles. Suspended sideways and taking the centre stage of the living room, the full size carbon fiber art piece from the Pagani Zonda Revolution. The car is seen to be held up by two sturdy mounts from the ceiling and floor, making a pretty sweet functional addition to the house as a room divider.

A comment on Perez’s Instagram that claims that this was once a functional car, before the engine and other parts were removed so that the car can be mounted for display.

Interior art is certainly taking some extra efforts to think out-of-the-frame.

Head on to Pablo Perez’s instagram to view more of his collection and perhaps upcoming automobile art installations.

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