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A Historical Villa in Florence is Looking For New Owners

With its 15th century architecture and design, this spacious villa set on a hilly terrain in Florence, Italy, will seduce any new homeowner.

May 30, 2023 | By Joe Lim

Hunting for a quaint home situated in Florence’s hills in Italy? Then look no further.

Villa Poggio Imperiale, Florence

Villa Poggio Imperiale, Florence. Image:

This historic villa is located on the lovely hills that provide peace and quiet in Florence’s exclusive Poggio Imperiale neighbourhood, close to the Medici Villa and only 4 miles from Florence’s International School.

This 600 sqm majestic mansion, which dates to the 15th century, was formerly a sizable convent. The villa was later internally divided into multiple pieces as the residential purpose replaced the religious one throughout the years. The building’s renovation has made it possible to keep the majority of its original characteristics, including some lovely vaulted ceilings, stone fireplaces, and murals that were kept and restored where appropriate and were motivated by the Buontalenti-designed exterior fountain.

There are three levels to this charming estate. Three huge light-filled rooms make up the large living area on the ground floor. The laundry room and additional bathroom are located at one end. The stairs, the kitchen with a pantry, and the dining room with a door leading to the garden are all located on the other side of the structure.

One can descend the stairs and enter the villa’s former cellars, which have been transformed into a private gym with a guest bedroom and en-suite toilet. The basement rooms have some distinctive vaults in exposed brickwork that help us identify the rooms’ former usage as cellars and stores.

Halfway up the staircase from the ground floor, you enter the bedroom with a separate bathroom. As one continues, one will eventually reach the first floor, which is distinguished by more opulent and magnificent chambers. The corridor opens to a living area with a fireplace on one side and a bedroom with a private bathroom and walk-in closet on the other. From there, one can proceed down a hallway to the master bedroom, which has a spacious en-suite bathroom and a separate walk-in closet. We can also ascend a staircase from the living room to the attic, which has the final bedroom with a bathroom and walk-in closet.

A wonderful designer swimming pool and a perfectly maintained private garden measuring 2,500 sqm are included in this beautiful house. You can cool yourself in the pool or unwind next to it in the sunbathing area. The fountain that Bernardo Buontalenti built in the 1580s in the enchanted garden still stands, surrounded by two marble busts and modelled after Roman nymphaeums.

An elevator and a parking area with four places round out this elegant estate. This opulent house is ideal for fully enjoying absolute seclusion and tranquillity while allowing yourself to be carried away by the grandeur of Florentine history because of its prime location just a few kilometres from the city’s most important historical landmarks. With its bucolic landscapes and hilly elevation, this villa in Florence sums up the best in living the life of a retired pop star. The home provides all the amenities to keep fit, reap nature’s bounty, and enjoy life.

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