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7 Beautiful Tile Ideas To Consider Putting Up A Bold Bathroom Interior

Give your shower a statement wall and match it with one of these eye-catching tiles that won’t let you down. Here are 7 bold bathroom inspirations you can consider.

Mar 09, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

From rustic-looking bathroom tiles to hexagonal floor tiles, give your shower a statement wall and add a splash of colour to match one of these eye-catching tiles to uplift a minimalist bathroom design to one with stunning interior décor.

As an interior design expert once shared — it’s all about the architectural details that bring a room together and use only dynamic materials that will make it unique. Enhance the beauty of your bold bathroom interior with a stunning array of backsplash, pool and bathroom tiles for creative tile ideas to transform your space into a uniquely elegant and stylish haven.

The design process begins with listening to the story you want to tell with your space and picking up that tread and running away with it. Here are 7 bathroom tile ideas you may want to consider whenever you are ready to do a bathroom renovation.

7 Beautiful Tile Ideas To Complete A Bold Bathroom Interior

This bathroom is designed by Chad McPhail Design. These turquoise colour tiles evoke a calm and soothing mood for one to relax and unwind at the end of each day.

An outstanding motif design with a dark-blue shade. Designed by Honey Collins Interiors.

Designed by Amy Lau, this bathroom consists of mini tiles in three blue tones combined to evoke a Mediterranean-like seascape.

Design by Alan Design Studio, the studio focuses on finding and re-imagining vintage and antique pieces using colours such as olive and hazel combined to ensure a finely crafted outcome that are comfortable and livable.

Mosaic tiles with extraordinary, stylish design let you make a grand entry (a design by Linda Ruderman Interiors).

Go retro with these cubism-inspired art in blue-black and white combo. (Designed by Caroline Kopp Interior Design)

Refresh your space with these blue and silver fusion tiles for an incredibly modern yet stylish feel. (Designed by Pepe Calderin Design)

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