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4 Playful Designs by Studio Job

The Belgian design studio brings a touch of play to the Milan Furniture Fair with wacky designs

Apr 18, 2016 | By Staff Writer

The Milan Furniture Fair has all types of designs to offer – from the elegant to the artistic. Still, some connoisseurs who love the off-kilter, the novel, the humorous, or the playful, may be looking around for a little something with a bit of a barmy edge to it. Belgian design studio, Studio Job, has got that covered. Working with various others, these are the designs that touch a bit on the wackier side of life:



Slipping on a banana peel has always been a staple of slapstick comedy. Inspired by that, Designer duo Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets from Studio Job has the perfect item to bring about those same clownish smiles you get when watching the wackiest Looney Tunes cartoons. The “Nodus Thanks a Bunch” rug has a banana peel pattern framed up in a circular shape, putting the yellow fruit firmly underfoot, without the embarrassment of having to fall over, of course.

Ghidini 1961ghidini1961-Milan-Furniture-Fair-2016


Italian metal manufacturer Ghidini has helped Studio Job work up a few pieces. For those who want to take their noir/hard-boiled fix to a whole new level, the Studio Job bullet-shaped vase helps add a bit of edge to your living room.

On the lighter side of things, this thimble-shaped champagne bucket has a bit of the fairytale-ish touch. It was inspired by Smeets’ childhood memories of an eccentric aunt who stitched a thimble in gold thread accompanied by a verse into the lining of a coat she made for the designer.



Mosaic specialist Bisazza has a design with a Paleolithic/Voodoo flavor. Motifs for this work includes skeletons of fish, turtles and frogs, and silhouettes of mice, bows, airplanes, bones and rings.



The quirky motifs continue with a furniture collection for Dutch interior design manufacturer Moooi. Classical pieces of wooden furniture are painted with patterns incorporating bananas, bibles, basketballs, keys, dice, and more.

For an added touch of the surreal, you can also check out a lighting line with buckets for shades, including a floor lamp, a wall light and a ceiling light.

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