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10 Interior Decor Brands to Invest In

For a home mini-makeover as the seasons change.

Aug 11, 2023 | By LUXUO

Home may be where the heart is, but there’s truly nothing like a well decorated space that brings you a sense of peace and relaxation. While we admit that the hustle of city life may not give us all the time we’d like to stay at home and bask in the beauty of our personal havens, this only means that weekends in become all the more precious. That said, if your home hasn’t exactly been living up to the original vision you had for your cozy abode, perhaps it may be time to give it a little upgrade by injecting some personality.

Without completely overhauling your already existing furniture themes, consider using statement decor pieces to give your home its own charm. Regardless of the interior style you’re vying to emulate, decorative pieces undeniably hold a latent power to transform a space with some smart placements and positioning. Feeling overwhelmed with your options? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered — here is a curation of 10 of our favourite homeware brands to get you started.

New Works

New Works Aura table mirror.
Photo: Courtesy of Finnish Design Shop

Danish brand New Works is all about creating the best objects for living, with the wear and tear of everyday use imbued in their design considerations. Pictured here is the futurism-evoking New Works Aura table mirror.


L’objet + Haas Brothers Just-an-Hour 60 Minute Timer.
Photo: Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

A little bit of kitsch goes a long way, and with L’objet, there’s more than enough kooky tablewares and decor to go around. Employing jewellery creating techniques to bring quirky creatures to life, trust that these pieces were crafted with the highest degree of excellence and quality. Featured above is the L’objet + Haas Brothers Just-an-Hour 60 Minute Timer.

Ferm Living

the Ferm Living Contour Piece.
Photo: Courtesy of Ferm Living

Fusing Scandinavian design codes with global perspectives, Ferm Living strikes just the right balance to create a space of comfort and meaning, inspired by the beauty of contrasts. Above is the Ferm Living Contour Piece.

Laetitia Rouget

Laetitia Rouget ceramic box
Photo: Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

From whimsical plates to kooky candleholders, Laetitia Rouget is all about leaning in to your inner child. All her pieces are handcrafted in Portugal by local artisans. Our favourite pieces from her eponymous label? This adorable ceramic box to keep your love letters or candy stash.

Klaas Kuiken

Klass Kuiken Model DD
Photo: Courtesy of Klass Kuiken

Klass Kuiken may have graduated with a product design degree, but there’s no denying he’s simply an inventor at heart. At the very core of his design ethos lies the question of what role mass production plays in everyday objects, and how he can transform the identities of such mundane objects. Pictured above is the Klass Kuiken Model DD.

Mush Studios

Mush Studio Green Small Blot Rug, $519
Photo: Courtesy of Mush Studio

Mush Studio was the quarantine love child of Jacob and Frankie back in 2020. Inspired by abstract prints and textures reminiscent of the visions from our childhood, the tufted carpets like this funky Green Small Blot Rug from Mush Studio are bound to give your home a playful pop of colour.


Polspotten Drip Candle Holder
Photo: Courtesy of Farfetch

Inspired by the art of play, Polspotten is all about experiencing what the world has to offer with no bars held. If you’re looking for some quirky pieces to perk up your home, Polspotten’s stand out pieces like this Drip Candle Holder are just for you.


Seletti Lipsticks toiletpaper mirror
Photo: Courtesy of Farfetch

If this mirror looks a tad bit familiar, that’s because it’s made several features in celebrities’ social media feeds, such a Rose from K-pop supergroup, Blackpink. This Seletti Lipsticks mirror makes for takes selfies to another level, adding a retro element to your beauty or bath room. Make sure to check out Seletti’s selection of lamps if you’re in the market for lighting as well.


Completedworks Medium Vase
Photo: Courtesy of SSense

Documenting the beauty of everyday life, Completedworks’ signature details include sculptural loops, curves, bends and weaves. The label is predominantly known for its fine work in jewellery, but has since made developments in creating highly curated homewares that speak to the brand’s minimalist yet purist design ethos such as their Medium Vase in a beautiful luminescent pink.

Ichendorf Milano

Ichendorf Milano Bamboo Groove Vase
Photo: Courtesy of Ichendorf Milano

Ichendorf’s history dates back to the early twentieth century in Cologne, where master artisans made the finest glassware to meet the demands of refined tastemakers. What truly sets Ichendorf objects apart from other glasswares is the meeting of artists and master-glaziers in the creative process. The end result? A beautiful piece with perfect shape and longevity such as this Bamboo Groove Vase above.

A version of this article was first published on GRAZIA Singapore.

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